The perfect pair of shoes can make a statement with any ensemble, whether it’s a sequined evening gown or a classic suit. For Paris-based shoe designer Olga Djanguirov, it was her own quest for the elusive chaussure à mon pied that spurred the launch of her luxury shoe brand, Olgana Paris, in 2014. “Since my childhood, I have always been attracted to design,” Olga recalls. “What made me decide to create Olgana Paris is a mix between need and desire.”

With the development of a new shoe company being no easy feat, Olga’s journey involved a great deal of hands-on learning.“I studied the different production processes through a lot of time in factories, to understand the mechanics of production,” she describes. “There are many steps between design and manufacturing. My favorite part of the design process is seeing the shoe become a reality. That step from the sketch to the real shoe always excites me.”

The debut of Olgana Paris’ first collection – “Black Tie” – proved to be a best-selling success. Dedicated to black-tie affairs, the signature line consists of a timelessly minimalist color palette of black, white, and nude. “I was inspired by the Tuxedo Code – ties, plastron, black, and white,” the designer remarks. “The idea is the contrast between black and white, high and at. Each style is inspired by tailoring savoir-faire, featuring bespoke details juxtaposing masculine and feminine elements.”

Even when an Olgana Paris shoe is topped with an oversized bloom in pastel pink there’s still an air of strength in its femininity. There’s even a bit of coquettishness, which is fitting when Olga reveals her personal fashion icons. “One of the women who inspired me the most is definitely Queen Marie Antoinette,” she shares. “I have always been impressed by her; and when it comes to fashion, I consider her as one of the first fashion icons. 

Her style was unique, and she had this capacity to bring something different to the royal court. Marie Antoinette has been a real inspiration, especially for my couture collection, which I wanted to be soft, delicate, and sophisticated. The owers, the pastel colors with the large abundance of pink powder, the fabrics; everything has been inspired by her style and personality.”

“Coco Chanel is also a huge source of inspiration,” Olga adds. “I have a real admiration for her and her avant-gardist sense of style. She was very elegant and was really gifted to combine opposite styles while keeping an unequalled level of chic. The masculine/ feminine spirit of the Black Tie collection has been totally inspired by Coco Chanel.” 

Understanding the needs of today’s women of style, Olgana Paris has built a reputation for producing shoes that easily transition from the boardroom to cocktail hour, wedding ceremonies to afterparties, on a plane or in the club. “The ‘Olgana Paris woman’ is a businesswoman who travels, works, and knows how to be fashionable with only a pair of shoes,” says Olga. “She knows how to combine work and trendiness without overdoing it – and she will only need a pair of shoes to define her style.”

>Written By: Lauren Malamala