Based in Maine, designer Jan Haedrich lives in a waterfront home that was built in 1811 and, at the time, stood as the tallest structure north of Boston. Themes of tradition, heritage, and luxury are steeped into her everyday life. Combine that with her 20-plus years of design experience, and it’s only natural that Haedrich has successfully launched her own brand of luxury accessories called MME.MINK.

Haedrich’s career spans several decades of designing for some of the top luxury houses in Europe including HERMES, Ralph Lauren, and Wolfgang Joop. She has also started brands that have sold at iconic retailers like Stanley Korshak, Harvey Nichols, and Bergdorf Goodman. As an avid world traveler, Haedrich is always receiving inspiration from architecture and cultures around the globe, which perfectly complements her own innate sense of style.

The MME.MINK brand has an incredibly charming element of wit, timelessness, and global appeal, which is apparent across its collections of luxury accessories. As an acronym for “Many Individual Niceties we Keep,” the name MINK also originated from Haedrich’s childhood nickname – “Minky.” It’s a lighthearted and whimsical touch to her beautifully designed pieces, which are individually numbered and authenticated with their own luxury label. MME.MINK products may also be engraved to create a bespoke heirloom piece that can be passed down for generations to come.

Handbag aficionados will love the MME.MINK collections, which include woven styles as well as luxury leather and felt. The Onassis 35 Totes are beautiful classics, perfect for stylish everyday living; the Palm Beach Clutch is an adorable piece to bring along for a honeymoon in the tropics; and the Carlton Tote in Poppy is a classic style that practically begs to be worn during a Madison Avenue shopping spree.

Aside from luxury accessories, MME.MINK also offers special treasures in the form of statement-making fashion pieces. The Champagne & Quail collection is unapologetically luxurious and feminine, with a rose-colored Minky Teddy Coat, a champagne and pink colored cocktail ring, and a voluminous pink “Dome Dress” that could be worn for any special occasion. The Mink Society collection is another standout, with a stunning black bow dress, a sequined “Madison” dress, and a frilly little black dress offering three timeless picks for any fashionista.

For extra generous brides who want to gift their bridal parties something special, MME.MINK has several “Little Luxuries” that would make for wonderful bridesmaids’ gifts. Think luxury evening clutches, a lovely charm lock bracelet, and sweet little “puff rings” – a signature piece, specifically designed with the purpose of becoming a vintage accessory. There’s luxury in longevity, and MME.MINK intends for each product to be treasured for years.

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