In a moment when a wedding has been paired down to the most essential elements, a veil has never felt more necessary, more purposeful, more – well – everything. As an accessory born a millennium ago in ancient Rome, the bridal veil is the most widely recognized symbol of marriage we have today. It is in this arc of tradition that a veil elicits profound reverence. But it is a veil’s unique ability to transfer beauty in where its real power lies. Those indelible moments it creates, the exquisite deference it inspires, the emotions it stirs... just utterly undeniable. And felt by everyone.

So how do you wear the most meaningful accessory and take it forward to meet this unprecedented moment head on? Make it singular. Take this symbol of love and testament to the best of humanity, and let it envelop you in a moment when humanity needs it most.

“Unveil the veil... and hit that reset button. Be the ultimate Style Arbiter.”

A veil couldn’t be more current and relevant. So very fresh and high fashion – not old fashioned. Go bold and covet real style. From beautiful to beyond unforgettable, we’ve been styling the chicest short veils that curate style itself. And somehow long veils managed to get longer. When it’s just the two of you walking through the woods, rather than in a cathedral, the aisle ends at the horizon.

You have but one time in your life to wear a veil. It’s a rarified opportunity to express yourself in the most poignant of ways. Be open and prepared to welcome the possibilities, as style is found in the unexpected and the right veil will transform your gown. Breathe it all in and let a veil wash over you with its mesmerizing beauty. Experience the glamour and gravitas, the hope and wonder, the romance and permanence, and the enchantment and love. Use this everything accessory to restate the essence of what committing to another person really means. This tradition that began a millennium ago is now engaging you in its continuum. It feels prescient... and very much of the moment.

Rethink what you envision a veil to be and hit that reset hard. It is so very much more. And more modern than ever.

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