With Mariage Fall/Winter 2021 fashion artists Viktor&Rolf present a mingling of sculptural garments and light and airy gowns featuring an array of floral embellishments, pearl inspired jewels and eco- friendly materials. This season’s floral story consists of handcrafted flowers crafted from layers of organza, flower volant artworks, graphic guipure floral lace and Marguerite flowers adorned with petite crystal embroideries highlighting a dazzling sparkle.


She, the woman. The gender and uniqueness of each and every woman. The individuality, the personal history behind of each of them, their struggles, their achievements, their dreams... In conclusion, an exquisite puzzle that draws the style of every woman.

Yolancris was born with a powerful purpose: to revolutionize the bridal sector by creating wedding dresses under the excellence of artisanal haute couture and accommodating all types and styles of women. The brand took the challenge and we finally go beyond the cliché of the conventional bride so as to accompany the personality of each of them on their big day.

A diversity that aims to be a tribute to women and their fighting spirit. A diversity that is born from an active listening and that reflects the brand's commitment to the authenticity and freedom of women.


Isabel Sanchis is a Spanish company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of ready to wear and Couture dresses since 1990. Isabel, started in a small atelier making different designs to her closest friends. Later on in the 90’s she developed and began to make two collections per year. 

“ We work with our mind and heart because we love what we do”.