The regal ELIE SAAB Bridal Fall 2022 collection is a moving portrait of the ever-changing, yet forever majestic bridal feminine. Thin trails of fine silk and the most delicate lace leave an elusive imprint of her graceful image, an ethereal trace that captures, if only for a moment, her imperial poise and composure. Timeless silhouettes with a touch of royal are made with sumptuous fabrics and exquisite details, coming to life with every subtle glance, slight gesture and gentle movement.

The magnificent bridal gowns are poignant compositions that turn in choreography with the bride. Fresh, ethereal macramé delicately laces into whimsical shoulder bows before plunging into strong sculpted a-lines.

Dazzling stones and shimmering silver sequins cascade into organza layers, reflecting light to create an enveloping glowing aura. A ballerina bodice blossoms into exquisite layers of organza petals, while organza flowers fall off the shoulder and silken threads glisten as they ripple and wave.

Every moving gown is an invitation to be present and in the moment. An elusively sheer neckline gradually becomes an embroidered mermaid silhouette with a detachable overskirt, bringing versatility and ease to perpetual motion. 

Unique embroidered shells softly travel down a soft gown with a classical sweetheart neckline. Sumptuous, luminous Mikado billows and expands into a grand regal gown with a draped strapless bodice. Delicately ruffled shoulders unfurl into a striking fully-sequined bodice and ethereal tulle skirt. Complementing ELIE SAAB veils and headpieces extend each bride’s horizon.

ELIE SAAB Bridal Fall 2022 captures an exquisite bridal majesty. The collection allows the bride’s timeless essence to shine and illuminate her forever moving femininity.

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