For years, the bridal fashion scene has been dominated by designers from NYC, Europe, and the Middle East. Recently, however, attention has begun to shift towards the “land down under,” Australia’s designers are producing collections that rival those of any household name. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a true showstopper of a wedding dress, here are ten luxury Australian bridal designers you need to know before the hunt begins.

Pallas Couture – A wedding gown by Pallas Couture is always a showstopper; these sexy, curve-hugging masterpieces are not for the conservative bride!

Suzanne Harward – In the realm of luxury Australian bridal designers, Suzanne Harward’s designs are classics. While Harward is inspired by art, nature, and the world as it changes between generations, her looks are always current with an air of timelessness.

Lillian Khallouf – Lillian Khallouf is one of Australia’s top couturiers, with all wedding gowns being created in-house to ensure the perfect fit, personalized design, and the utmost quality. Brides can choose everything from fabrics to finishing touches for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Nevenka – Nevenka is a beautiful example of different worlds coming together to create something unique. While the fashion house is based in Melbourne, Nevenka’s designs are Eastern European and inspired by family heirlooms, heritage, and a bohemian aesthetic.

Chosen by One Day – This Australian label was founded on the values of individuality and innovation, creating bridal looks that are edgy and fashion-forward.

Bo and Luca – The Bo and Luca label is fueled by a female-led team of Australian bridal designers under the creative direction of Shannon Pittman, and the collections are inspired by the bohemian spirit – perfect for new age romantics.

Wendy Makin – With more than 30 years of wedding gowns under her belt, Wendy Makin is a premiere luxury Australian bridal designer, operating from her flagship studio in Brisbane and throughout the continent, as well as New Zealand and the UK.

Moira Hughes Couture – Based in Sydney, Moira Hughes Couture has built a reputation for designing exquisite, bespoke bridal ensembles with impeccable fit and style. Moira was also the first designer in Australia to introduce an innovative form of Parisienne corsetry, sculpting the figures of her brides from within so the fabrics can flow perfectly on the outside.

Steven Khalil – If you’re headed down under in search of the perfect wedding dress, then you need to know about Steven Khalil – a luxury Australian bridal designer whose designs regularly grace the red carpet as well. Khalil’s designs combine an air of timeless glamour with modern elegance and showstopping beauty.