If there’s one element of entertaining that has taken precedent in recent years, it’s overall guest experience. Attractive tabletops and décor details are important, but at the end of the day, attendees will always remember how they felt during a wedding or celebration, as opposed to how many orchids were included in the table centerpieces. For destination weddings and celebrations spanning several days, the guest experience begins almost immediately – and for Sky Productions (based in Israel and available worldwide), a lavish welcome dinner for 500 guests ensured an epic and unforgettable experience for all.

Quite fittingly, this couture collection of bridal gowns is being showcased in a fashion campaign displaying the dresses in a museum-like setting. With an exquisite array of delicate lace, luxurious silks, and unique embellishments, The Couture Gallery has turned its gowns into works of art that are beautifully fitting for discerning clientele looking to walk down the aisle with a sense of romance, timeless elegance, and a hint of drama.

Standout bridal gowns within the collection include a one-shoulder ballgown with the most stunning asymmetrical bow detail. Rich fabrics and flawless tailoring makes this dress a perfect option for any wedding in an ultra-luxe setting, from Dubai to New York City’s Pierre Hotel. Alternatively, bridal gowns featuring gathered silk ruffles are wonderfully coquettish and modern with a European flair.
Bridal gowns from The Couture Gallery in London
Rather than shying away from unexpected textures, The Couture Gallery also employs the use of overlays and feminine appliques – particularly with the Eden Gown, which is an entirely new interpretation of the traditional strapless wedding dress. This style is also one of Britta’s favorite within her entire couture collection.

The Couture Gallery is located in the posh London neighborhood of Kensington, where brides may shop the two-floor boutique and atelier by appointment only. As Britta shares, “Every single dress is designed and created bespoke at our in-house atelier to ensure the perfect dress for each individual bride-to-be; a unique and personal touch service, resulting in not just a dress, but the memory of a lifetime.