GO: What is your favorite dress in this collection and why?
AL: In the EDEN 2019 collection, my favorite gown is the “Jackie” wedding gown with its matching bolero. The reason I love this dress so much is that it gives a very luxurious, timeless, and feminine feel on one hand, and a fashion-forward, fresh take on the other. I believe brides who choose to wear this gown will be able to enjoy its timeless beauty while standing out and making a bold statement that is still very feminine, romantic, and powerful.

GO: What did you like about designing this collection?
AL: As the head designer of both a ready-to-wear and bridal line, I decided to put an emphasis on the high-fashion aspect of the collection and bring my creative signature to each gown. I’m bringing something much more modern and fashion-forward than the bridal wear you see nowadays – less tacky and heavily laced gowns, and more clean, chic, and elegant designs.

In my new collection, you will find clean and sophisticated wedding gowns; from Old Hollywood to Boho style dresses, and even 80s-inspired looks – all, with a careful attention to detail and figure. These are gowns for women who are not interested in being a replica of millions of other brides, but who wish to stand out in a very fashion-forward and sophisticated way.

GO: Where did you draw inspiration from this season?
AL: I believe every collection is an opportunity to discover and dive into new worlds of inspiration. Inspiration can come from many different places; it can be trees, flowers, and nature. It can be artwork I was drawn to, or a cultural era like Old Hollywood and the 80s.

In this collection, I was inspired by the innocence and fragility portrayed in the story of Genesis, along with the femininity and empowerment following the revelation of sexuality caused by Eve tasting the forbidden fruit. I was trying to tell that story with each design I made. All the gowns are made from luxurious Italian silk in various forms – silk satin, crepe, organza – and Chantilly lace.

GO: What trends are you looking forward to seeing on brides?
AL: I don’t believe in trends, since they are quickly changing; but a bridal gown should be something you look at years from now, and still feel as strongly for it as you did the day you were wearing it walking down the aisle. That’s why I’m designing my collections, keeping in mind a fashion-forward approach for that timeless look.

GO: Do you offer custom designs?
AL: All the Livné White gowns are made-to-measure and can be customized and altered upon request. I also have a premium tailormade service for both bridal and eveningwear in my studio in NYC, where I personally design a unique gown exclusively for you, for any occasion.

GO: What is your favorite wedding style?
AL: I think every wedding has its magic and uniqueness, whether it’s on a beach or in the city, as long as you keep it classy and timeless.

GO: Who and what inspires you as a designer?
AL: While looking for new inspiration, I love going to flea markets around the world, scouting for old wedding dresses, paying close attention to techniques and materials used in the past, so I can reinvent and rediscover to sculpt into something new.