Naama & Anat Haute Couture is dedicated to the fashion-forward bride in search of a showstopping wedding dress. Here, we ask the mother-daughter duo what inspires their bridal designs and what we can expect from their latest collection.

GOWS: What is your favorite dress in this collection and why?
A: To choose one style from our entire collection is an impossible task. We design each model with love to each and every detail; therefore, each model serves a different kind of bride and a different kind of love. We love every model in its own way.

GOWS: What did you like about designing this collection?
A: We loved working together, as usual. It is not easy working together; our minds are so different, but this is what makes the gown complete. There are many arguments and conversations until we get to the final design, and there are many sketches and different lace choices until we reach the final design that both of us are pleased with. What we most like is the moment the decision is absolute, and we feel this piece of mind with it.

GOWS: Where did you draw inspiration from for this season’s gowns?
A: This season was marked by strong AND SMART women all over the world – women's successes have inspired others. We were very influenced by this stream, so we called the collection GOWNS OF WISDOM. Even the names of the styles are suitable for this inspiration of the collection. We have a dress called “Successful” and we have a dress called “Fame.” There is even a dress called “Powerful.”

GOWS: What trends are you looking forward to seeing on brides?
A: Sophisticated techniques and fabrics. The gowns are made of lavish fabrics such as French lace, silk and chiffon, and confectioned with an inner body suit that makes the gowns easy and comfortable to wear. This is literally the best part – it’s like a second skin, so the shapewear is built in.

GOWS: Do you offer custom designs?
A: We do offer custom designs. We provide brides with a unique experience and the highest level of customer service by handmaking the gowns specific to each individual bride’s measurements – that means PERFECT size matching. Every gown is also customizable, from detachable sleeves to overskirts. The possibilities are endless. We treat each gown as a collaboration between us and the bride, as we are dedicated to creating the perfect gown for a bride’s most memorable day. We make all sizes and treat each bride as unique and special as they are. We are dedicated to making her dream come true no matter what, and we are willing to change colors, silhouettes, lace or straps. Basically, anything is possible. We make sure to use layering techniques and deliberate design details that, together, orchestrate graceful movement and flow for the bride.

GOWS: Who and what inspires you as a designer?
A: We are inspired by the woman’s body, shape, and curves.

GOWS: Who is your fashion icon?
A: Our icons belong to the late-1930's and actors from the 1940's. When we design, we think of those actresses and we think of their hair, look, and body .