Dress: Flora Bridal; Style: Monique

Founded in 2010 by designer Rinat Asher, Flora has become a name synonymous with wedding dresses that exude luxury, comfort, and the ideal blend of classical and contemporary styling. Here, Rinat discusses the Flora 2018 “Intrigue” collection and the inspiration behind her exquisite fashion designs.

GOWS: What is your favorite dress in the 2018 Intrigue collection and why?
A: My favorite dress at the moment is Carrie, as she captures to whole collection in one; she is intriguing, but innocent and sensual at the same time.

GOWS: What did you like about designing this collection?
A: I liked designing this collection because it is a more feminine and enticing collection. It still has the free-spirited FLORA stamp, but it’s just a little bit sexier.

Dress: Flora Bridal; Style: Julia

GOWS: Where did you draw inspiration for this season?
A: The inspiration always comes from the women I work with, and the fabrics I see to fit those bodies and personalities. The facets that women have are never ending, and when you see a perfect lace to fit the personality of a dress, a whole world of ideas opens and we create a collection! It is the best feeling to know that brides will recognize themselves in one of my dresses.

GOWS: What trends are you looking forward to seeing on brides?
A: I am always supporting the trend of feeling comfortable. When a bride is comfortable, she will look beautiful and relaxed. Fabric plays a big part in this, so we source the softest but most beautiful lace and silks to enhance the bodies and personalities. A trend can be anything, as long as the bride is happy. I think fabrics are making the trends – luxurious, structured and outspoken lace designs will make the look!

Dress: Flora Bridal; Style: Josephin

GOWS: What is your favorite wedding style?
A: You will always recognize a FLORA dress when you study the lace we use. We dissect the patterns and create, by hand, a whole new pattern to fit the design. The lace used for our dresses is unique for FLORA, as we will have redesigned the patterns and layouts before it becomes a dress.

All our dresses are done like this, and we take great pride in the workman ship we deliver. The straps on the dresses are hand beaded with crystals, all the belts are our designs and hand beaded; so are the carefully placed crystals on the bodices and skirt.

GOWS: Who and what inspires you as a designer?
A: Creating a dress for “the best day of someone’s life” will always be my main inspiration, as nothing is more rewarding than getting those “just married” photos and “thank you” cards. It’s very inspiring because you know you are on the right track!