Style reaches so much further beyond fashion and the clothes we wear. It’s an essence; a way of being. When we think of a powerful, well-traveled female who exudes that enigmatic X-factor, there’s only one phrase that sums her up – an international woman of mystery (because James Bond isn’t the only one who can embody that description).

In the bridal realm, the international woman of mystery can find the sophistication, elegance, and unassuming glamour she needs within the 2018 collection by Alon Livne. These gowns epitomize the theory of “less is more,” making a statement with pristine tailoring and clean lines, rather than ostentatious embellishments. Certain styles are so versatile, in fact, they practically beg to be worn during some of life’s most glamorous moments.

For the Kentucky Derby, or any formal affair requiring an haute couture hat, the international woman of mystery never shies away from making a grand entrance with a show-stopping topper – although she has enough restraint to pair such a dramatic accessory with a simple dress made of demurely flowing fabric. She’s also a regular attendee of the theater, most certainly watching a nighttime production of Carmen from a balcony seat with a pair of Harry Winston’s diamond studded opera glasses by her side.

When she is feeling particularly romantic, the international woman of mystery may choose a deceivingly minimal gown that draws attention from unexpected details. An asymmetrical ruffle along the waistline that gently cascades into a front slit; a pleated and ruffled off-shoulder neckline; or perhaps a backless gown with sculptural sleeves and an oversized bow.

With an everchanging life of adventure and travel, the international woman of mystery has mastered the art of marrying classic ensembles with fashion jewelry. Luxe, whimsical animal pieces by K. Brunini, for example, may reflect her time exploring various continents; and they’re the perfect complement to a timeless wrap-style dress with silky, open sleeves.