For this collection, Rime Arodaky drew inspiration from the ethereal dance of celestial bodies, the mysteries of the universe and the spiritual realms beyond our sight. Down the runway, gowns shimmered like constellations - with patterns that traced the trajectories of comets, and silhouettes that echoed the graceful curves of galaxies. Each piece, Rime’s love letter to the heavens, captured the wonder of the night sky and the boundless tales it tells.

Rime celebrates the luminous, the ethereal, the divine - and Astral is her tribute to the timeless romance of the celestial realm and the soulmates who find their destinies intertwined among the stars. Astral is for every bride who believes that her love story is written in the stars, who feels the pull of the universe when meeting her soulmate and who dreams in shades of night skies and stardust. 

Rime Arodaky’s latest collection will be on display at her brand new showroom in Soho, New York which is now open to consumers. Ready-to-wear pieces and accessories are available on rime-arodaky.com, and couture/custom looks are available via private appointment, either in Paris or New York. 


Creative Director: Rime Arodaky

Photography: Greg Finck

Hair and Makeup: OdileJimenezRichard Bajon 


Rime Arodaky is a luxury bridal brand, launched in 2011 in Paris, France. Rime Arodaky reinvents the codes of bridal and designs for the daring and fearless woman. Blending effortless glamour, impeccable craftsmanship and fashion-forward style, Rime is inspired by nature, travels and emotions, with 70’s and 90's silhouettes that have a contemporary edge. Rime Arodaky’s atelier and main showroom is located in Paris, with another showroom located in Soho, New York.