Nestled in a remote corner at the edge of the world, the islands of French Polynesia are a destination high on the bucket list of many avid travelers. Although French Polynesia is made up of multiple islands, the island group of Bora Bora – part of the Leeward Islands – is the most well-known. There’s also a particular resort destination that specializes in highlighting the best of Bora Bora, while allowing visitors to relax and unwind in the lap of luxury. Beyond being an incredible location for weddings, elopements, and honeymoons, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is a place where visitors can go to celebrate love at any point in their lives.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

As a property dedicated to providing an exceptional guest experience, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora provides the perfect setting for celebrating all of life’s milestones. Intentionally designed as an elegant and laid-back Polynesian village, the resort is a private island paradise set in the heart of French Polynesia. The property is surrounded by Bora Bora’s coral atoll, providing a peaceful sanctuary away from the bustling mainland. Even the land itself is utopic, with coconut palms and pandanus trees creating a tropical grove peppered by small lagoons and private beaches for visitors to discover.

Upon arrival, guests are met with a sense of world-class luxury that highlights a unique brand of natural beauty only found in the South Pacific. For accommodations, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora offers seven beachfront villa estates and every island-bound traveler’s dream – 108 overwater bungalow suites. Breakfast can even be delivered via canoe and served with flower petals as guests lounge on their private decks.

“It was important to pay tribute to the overwater bungalow, but to give it an elegant and luxurious twist,” says Brad Packer, Director of Public Relations and Communications. “At over 1,000 square feet each, our overwater bungalows are all suites, and 27 of them offer private plunge pools. Local art and design aspects complement the feel, while solar panels on the roofs provide heating for the water.”

While it doesn’t get any more romantic than an overwater bungalow surrounded by Bora Bora’s turquoise waters, the resort’s beachfront villa estates are a fantastic option for those who may be visiting the island with family, or who simply want to experience luxury living in French Polynesia. Each villa is set on its own land that measures up to a full acre and was built with local architecture in mind. Villa guests also receive additional services such as personal pre-arrival planning consultations, round-trip airport transfers, all meals, a dedicated villa host, a private beach set-up, and a one-time Private Bar stocking based on their own customizations.

A Polynesian Experience

There’s no point in making the long journey to the South Pacific if one isn’t going to partake in an authentic Polynesian experience. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora strikes a remarkable balancing in blending world-class luxury with local culture.

“Polynesian culture is infused throughout the resort experience,” Brad shares, “primarily through our local staff. The genuine warmth they share with our guests is what makes a stay here most special. We also offer a number of cultural activities for guests to experience, and of course the design of the resort is very reflective of the Polynesian culture as well.”

To create a bespoke Polynesian experience, guests can work with the resort’s team to decide which activities they’d like to include in their itinerary. Honeymooners may wish to participate in a number of romantic options, such as a relaxing couple’s treatment at Te Mahana Spa. The spa is purposely situated on a high summit, where “the surging, raw power of the ocean meets the lagoon’s tranquility,” creating a balanced ambiance. After being greeted with a scented cooling towel and herbal infusion, guests are prepped for their treatments with various water experiences like the steam room, sensory shower, and vitality pool.

“A spa ritual in our overwater spa suite is an incredible couple’s experience,” suggests Brad. “Following the pampering two-hour treatment in side-by-side treatment beds – with glass windows to the lagoon below – guests are invited to enjoy a coconut milk bath on the deck.”

For a dose of adventure, thrill-seeking couples and families will love all the watersports and activities available at their fingertips. Guests have access to several half-day and full-day water excursions which include paddling to a nearby reef in an outrigger canoe; snorkeling around the reef with tropical fish; feeding sharks and stingrays; or even exploring the underwater world with a scuba diving adventure.

“We also created great partnerships to provide our guests with access to experts,” says Brad. “For instance, we now have an on-property diving center, operated by our partner Diveasy, as well as our marine science program, operated by WiseOceans, and our tennis program, which is overseen by Peter Burwash International.”

“The ‘can’t miss’ experience is a lagoon excursion to discover coral gardens, stingrays, and black tip reef and lemon sharks,” he adds. “Your local guide finishes this experience by taking you to their private motu for a traditional Polynesian meal.”

Dining at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

The dining options at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora are second to none, with dishes inspired by French, American, Asian, and Maohi culture. Some popular restaurants include Arii Moana (based on the Tahitian phrase meaning, “King of the Lagoon”), where Executive Chef Eric Desbordes whips up elegant classics from the South of France with a Mediterranean twist. Fare Hoa Beach Bar & Grill is the epitome of “feet-in-the-sand luxury,” boasting a beach club environment with loveseat swings, chaise lounges, and dishes like Spiny Lobster Cobb Salad. For seafood lovers, it truly doesn’t get any better than the Fish House at Fare Hoa – a Tahitian fish house dining experience that brings the freshest seafood to the table, expertly paired with seafood-friendly wines. Think Mahi Mahi Ceviche, Swordfish Moqueca, and Grilled Octopus.

Brad also advises that guests sample the resort’s Poisson Cru at some point during their stay: “Poisson Cru is the national dish of Tahiti, and it’s something guests must try while with us. In fact, many guests end up eating it every day. It’s made by mixing raw tuna, lime, coconut milk, and crunchy vegetables – so fresh and flavorful!”

Of course, no trip to Bora Bora would be complete without experiencing the ultimate Tahitian celebration of Oro’a Night. Taking place weekly at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora’s Tere Nui restaurant, this spectacular dinner party combines French-crafted Polynesian food, live music, and Tahitian dancing.

Celebrate Love

The world may have changed dramatically over the last two years, but Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora has used that time to prepare itself even more for its guests. Whether couples are planning a belated honeymoon, a 20th wedding anniversary, or a long-overdue romantic retreat, the resort is waiting and ready to celebrate love.

“In addition to implementing industry-leading health and safety measures,” explains Brad, “including bringing a resort doctor onboard, we were able to complete our multi-year resort transformation. Every accommodation was enhanced, as well as an array of experimental programming being introduced. The resort is expansive – there’s plenty of room for everyone to find their space and feel that true sense of privacy. That, combined with the unique accommodations and friendly staff, makes for the perfect combination in paradise.”