Photography: Bermuda Tourism Board

A kiss under a Bermuda moon gate is said to guarantee newlyweds a long and happy life together — just one of the many great reasons to consider this balmy blend of British and Caribbean culture as your honeymoon destination.

Couples have been coming to Bermuda to honeymoon for more than half a century, and the island — once a major British naval base — has grown up around classic resorts like the Fairmont Southampton and the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. The island holds fast to its beloved traditions: Bermuda shorts are formal-wear, traffic is directed by pith-helmet wearing Bobbies, and Dark and Stormy cocktails are mandatory afternoon libations. Modern couples will find ample pampering, as well: you can create your own signature scent at a workshop at the historic Bermuda Perfumery, indulge in services at Grotto Bay’s subterranean spa (located in a real cave), or just lounge on one of the island’s famous pink-sand beaches like Gate’s Bay, the ideal destination for a private picnic for two.

Location: Fort Hamilton, Hamilton, Bermuda; Photography: Liga Photography, Orlando, FL

The intimate Cambridge Beaches resort is a favorite of Bermuda honeymooners with its cottage-style accommodations, four beaches, infinity pool, and excellent dining options. The Fairmont hotels still set the island standard for classic elegance, while the two-bedroom club suites at The Reefs may have the best views in Bermuda.

If you love golf, the Rosewood Tucker’s Point is the obvious choice: the hilltop resort is as classic as the 18-hole, par-70 gold course it overlooks, first laid out in 1932. If you’re seeking a more laid-back Bermuda honeymoon, consider the Pompano Beach Club, where casual is the keyword and you’ll be treated like new members of the Lamb family, who have owned this fun and friendly resort since 1956.

>Written By Bob Curley