In the midst of a travel era filled with airport stress and airline drama, Four Seasons is bringing the luxury of the brand’s iconic hotels to the skies with the new Four Seasons Jet. This state-of-the-art Boeing 757 features the same comfort, service, and exclusivity that hotel guests receive, providing travelers with an entirely new flight experience.

Step inside the Four Seasons Jet, and you’ll be greeted by pristine, custom designed interiors, spacious comfort, a sleek aesthetic, and accessible technology. Bespoke details include individually handcrafted leather flatbed seats, built-in Venetian blinds at each window, and handwoven carpets from Amsterdam. When fully reclined, each guest’s seat measures 6.5 feet in length, which is roughly the size of a king-size bed. Your trip is made even more luxurious with Bose noise-cancelling headphones, Mongolian cashmere blankets, and other carefully selected amenities. Should travelers wish to work or stay “plugged in,” global inflight Wi-Fi and on-demand entertainment is provided.

In terms of food, the Four Seasons Jet carries a steam oven and custom refrigeration system, ensuring that all in-flight meals are just as delicious as they would be in any restaurant. A Four Seasons Executive Chef will be on board preparing a meticulously planned menu served on bone china, which incorporates flavor profiles from around the world. Of course, guests will also be able to toast their journey with a glass of Dom Perignon – the jet’s exclusive champagne provider.

While standard commercial airlines board 233 passengers on a single flight, the Four Seasons Jet is limited to an intimate group of 52 at maximum. A dedicated team of travel experts is available to provide excellent, anticipatory service to all travelers – whether they’re jet-setting around the globe or focusing on one continent – and there is one crew member on board assigned to every six passengers.

Take your destination wedding, honeymoon, or romantic getaway to a whole new level by stepping inside the Four Seasons Jet and indulging in an unforgettable travel experience. Coming in 2021.