As expected, the reopening of borders and ease of travel restrictions has led to an enormous uptick in the number of people traveling this year. Aside from the general tourism industry, couples have been celebrating their postponed destination weddings abroad, jetting off on romantic getaways, and even departing on “honeymoon do-overs.” For anyone whose near future involves a ticket (or even an extended road trip), ROAM luggage is the perfect travel companion for romantic getaways, destination weddings, impromptu trips, and everything in between. A set of ROAM luggage also makes for an ideal wedding registry item.

ROAM is the world's first and only fully color-customizable premium luggage brand. Shoppers may choose the colors of every feature of their ROAM suitcase – from the panels to the handle, to the wheels, to the stitching. Quite literally, there are more than one million possible color combinations.

With the travel surge leading to a shortage of luggage in mainstream retail stores, having the option to purchase a quality piece of luggage that is completely customized is a true luxury. For couples planning their honeymoon or any other post-wedding adventures, ROAM allows them to coordinate their luggage, choose the same color palette used in their wedding, or even collect a wardrobe of suitcases that reflect where their romantic getaways will be taking place. Think coconut cream and Bermuda pink for a honeymoon in the Caribbean, or Pacific blue and safari green for adventures in the South American rain forest. Every time a couple packs for their future travels, they’ll be reminded of their wedding day or another epic adventure they enjoyed together.

Along with a bespoke color combination, luggage by ROAM boasts ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet wheels and the precision of a four-height telescoping handle engineered to minimize side-to-side wiggle. Luxury is in the details, and the designers at ROAM have taken every possible aspect into consideration. As soon as customers design their suitcase, that piece will be assembled by hand in ROAM’s U.S. factory and shipped out in as little as one business day.

Founded by two Tumi execs, ROAM was launched as an initiative to create the best luggage in the world.

“We looked around and saw a sea of identical black luggage that didn’t feel exciting,” they share. “We realized it didn’t feel like us. We found ourselves wanting to express our individuality in everything we do; what we wear, where we work, how we travel. So, we created ROAM Luggage, the first brand that allows you to fully customize your suitcase to match your personality.”

Despite their transition from Tumi to ROAM, there has been no change for the partners when it comes to their commitment to world-class materials, their tendency to “sweat the details,” and their incomparable level of expertise in the luggage realm that encompasses decades and spans continents.

“Here’s what did change,” they share. “Our materials are stronger and lighter. We shrugged off the limitations of the typical what-you-see-is-what-you-get suitcase and created luggage that is only limited by what you can create.”