In the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, we published an exclusive art feature highlighting Bristol Glassworks – a Rhode Island-based glass artist offering custom crystal body casts to the public for the first time.

These casts, made from optic quality crystal, are the ultimate gift for any art lover; and they provide an exquisite display of the human form in the most personal way.

As part of a collection called “Life Studies,” the body casts are a culmination of years of experimentation and innovation. “It really started as a challenge to ourselves in terms of seeing how much detail of the human body we could translate into glass,” says Sharon Oleksiak, Creative Director of Bristol Glassworks. “At this point, we can now pick up the tiniest goose bump on someone’s skin and really capture what makes us each individual and human.”

Today, Bristol Glass is offering custom crystal body casts to the public for the first time. Each commission is a one-of-a-kind creation and cannot be duplicated, as the molds are broken once the crystal has fired and cooled, revealing the final masterpiece. A crystal body cast would make an incredible wedding gift to one’s betrothed, and hand casts could even be made for bridal party members as a luxe “thank you” present. One client gifted her husband with a crystal body cast of herself for their anniversary – and he loved it so much, he commissioned a second cast so he could have one on display at home and in his office.

Check out the full Bristol Glassworks feature to learn more about the artists, the casting process, and what to expect when commissioning your own crystal body cast.