Francesca Miranda grew up surrounded by art, passion and good taste. From her father she inherited a melting pot of culture, an italian, spanish and british background, that enriched her love for style and fashion. From her spanish mother, a ballerina back in the day, she learned discipline, dedication and the beauty of simplicity. She remembers early on in her life helping her father choose the most exquisite fabrics, coming from far away places like Paris, to create the most beautiful pieces. She would later on wear these pieces herself.

Her career in fashion began August 30th 1995 at 3:00 pm when the universe conspired to offer the designer two new beginnings. While her third daughter, Sofia, was being born, she simultaneously launched her first runway collection in Colombia’s most important fashion week. It was her first men’s collection; unusual, full of color and personality, captivating the public’s attention, critics and press.

To elevate the aesthetics, history, and culture of indigenous ethnicities, Colombian craftsmanship has formed part of Francesca Miranda’s DNA since the beginning of her career. We can see its presence in her recent collections and dating all the way back to her first european runway, where in conjunction with “Artesanias de Colombia” she presented her collection in Milan Fashion Week in 2003. Through investigation, production, design and above all the public’s reaction, Francesca started a relationship with ethnic craftsmanship that she knew would last forever.

With a brand that covers the masculine and feminine world, interior design, bridal and much more, her short term goal is clear: To build an institute for new dreamers to fulfill what she has lived, beautifying the world through design.

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