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    Braja Mandala Photography


    December 6 – 9, 2019 in Udaipur, Rajasthan; December 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California

    In high school, Douglas “DJ” White was a volleyball star making his way to Harvard, while Divya Khosla was the “rebellious fashionista” with a reputation for partying. Naturally, their paths never crossed.

    Lightning struck a few years later when the pair ran into each other at a 4th of July party at a mutualfriend’s house. Divya had broken her phone and could not find her friends, and just as she was deciding to leave the party, she saw a familiar face. DJ greeted her with warmth and attempted to help fix her phone. Divya was automatically drawn to his bubbly personality and charm. DJ loved Divya’s wit and confidence. The two hit it off, but Divya had to go home.


    The next day, Divya’s friends downloaded a dating app onto her phone just for laughs. To her surprise, one of her first matches was DJ. He messaged her right away and asked her on a date. The rest is history.

    The two continued a long-distance relationship while Divya finished her Fiber Science and Apparel Degree at Cornell. Five years later, DJ planned a lavish proposal in San Diego. He rented a yacht and hired a private instructor to take them shark diving to fulfill Divya’s lifelong dream. He went as far as having fireworks, champagne, and strawberries ready. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Divya got seasick and they had to turn the boat around.

    That night, as DJ nursed Divya back to health in her pajamas and sheet mask, he grabbed her and got down on one knee for a sweet and intimate proposal – exactly what Divya had wanted all along.

    Luckily, the wedding planning process was not as rocky as the proposal. Divya’s dad had begun dreaming of her wedding as soon as she was born. Every wedding he attended was a brainstorming session with his wife. He saved for 25 years so that he could throw the best wedding anyone had ever experienced. This made planning for the bride and groom a breeze, as they left all details to him. Divya and DJ trusted Ravi and knew he had the best taste, and they were no stranger to his reputation for throwing iconic parties.

    He took guests on a whirlwind experience that started in Udaipur, India for a traditional Indian wedding, and ended at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills with a lavish reception. The wedding reception was executed with help from Exquisite Events. Ravi had envisioned a modern-day palace of Versailles with a blush, gold, and ivory theme.

    Guests were greeted by violinists standing under crystal chandeliers. As the evening continued, ballerinas performed against a backdrop of gold encrusted mirrors. Guests dined on Michelin star cuisine served on mirrored tables, with an abundance of flowers. Divya and DJ were right – Ravi had exceeded expectations and they couldn’t be prouder to call him Dad. Every ceremony left them and their guests in awe.

    Divya and DJ’s epic wedding experience concluded with a honeymoon in India. DJ loved seeing all the wild animals roaming the streets, and Divya enjoyed watching DJ embrace her culture and family.


    LocationBeverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA; Planner: Exquisite Events, Los Angeles, CA; Event Design: Revelry Event Designers, Los Angeles, CA; Floral Design: Square Root Designs, Irvine, CA