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    Morgan Lynn Photography


    June 22, 2019. Houston, Texas

    “I wasn’t even going to go to my friend’s Thanksgiving weekend party,” says Emelia Forbau, but admits she is glad she did. Showing up when the gathering was in full swing, she was introduced to David Wolfe and they hit it off right away, exchanging numbers.

    A few days later, they met for a quick casual coffee which became a six-hour talkathon that was as natural as catching up with an old friend. “It was so relaxed and easy it felt like I might have known him all my life,” explains Emelia. They became best friends, then a couple, and a little over a year later were engaged.


    David flew with her from Houston to New Mexico after Christmas to meet her family. Taking her father aside, he respectfully asked permission to marry Emelia. That afternoon David, Emelia, her father and grandfather went hiking in the Sierra Blanca mountains, one of her favorite places. At the highest point, her dad created a diversion by snapping her picture, while David went down on one knee with the ring. “I was stunned when I turned and saw him,” says Emelia. “I had no idea it was coming.” When she said “yes,” other hikers at the peak cheered.

    So wedding guests would not melt in Houston’s summer heat, the bride opted for an indoor venue at the Hotel ZaZa. “I loved everything about it,” says Emelia. “If I was a hotel, I’d be the ZaZa.”

    Emelia’s childhood pastor personalized the traditional ceremony, while David unwittingly provided a lighthearted moment. “I put the ring on her finger,” he says, “and then held out my hand.” Emelia struggled with his ring when it would not go over his knuckle, until he realized he had offered up the wrong hand. “It was a moment of comic relief that relaxed everyone and made the ceremony so memorable,” explains David.

    Having worked at a floral shop, Emelia knew her flowers and let her choices dictate the décor. Fragrant roses, orchids and lilies in white, cream and ivory with gold accents created an elegant ambiance with modern touches. Providing options for their friends and family to stay hydrated was important to the couple, so along with the full bar there was a mocktail menu and a Starbucks barista, guaranteeing that no one ran the risk of being thirsty.

    “It was incredible that all these important people from throughout our lives took time off from busy schedules and traveled long distances to celebrate with us,” says Emelia, “but we never practiced with my gown and heels, and even though that caused some issues, it was still lots of fun.” To capture the moment for all time, an artist took photos and then produced a painting of them, providing a keepsake to cherish and entertainment as guests watched the portrait’s progress.

    “After that,” says David, “It was all one big blur of delicious food and drinks, good music and a great party.” The band’s quitting time was extended as the celebration continued into the morning hours.

    According to Emelia, many things about the wedding “just fell into place,” as did the honeymoon. “Paris was a city we always talked about visiting together, so it was the natural choice,” she says. They arrived with a detailed itinerary, but tossed it aside to stroll around, explore at will and just enjoy being together in the city of love.

    Planner: Ann Whittington Events, Houston, TX; Floral and Event Design, Rentals and Linen: Plants n’ Petals, Houston, TX; Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo, Bridal Salon: Joan Pillow Bridal Salon, Houston, TX; Lighting: 360 AV Design, Cypress, TX; Live Event Painter: Laura Jane Fine Art, Laguna Niguel, CA

    Cake: Susie Cakes, Houston, TX; Stationery: Events Gifts, Houston, TX; Calligraphy: Karla Hamilton Calligraphy, Houston, TX