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    March 23, 2019. Koh Samui, Thailand

    Maggie Wu and Yueyang Chen met in 2014, when they both studied at the University of Pennsylvania. They loved traveling together, and their most romantic trip was to Puerto Rico, where they celebrated the anniversary of their first encounter.

    On Valentine’s day of 2018, Yueyang proposed to Maggie on the rooftop balcony of the Renaissance Hotel in Allentown. He surprised her by pretending he was having a fight with the hotel restaurant concierge, then told her to follow him to the rooftop of the restaurant. Maggie discovered roses covering the floor and leading to the balcony, where Yueyang was waiting to pop the question.


    “As a bride, I had always wanted an intimate destination wedding, surrounded by close family and friends,” Maggie shares. “After seeing the beautiful ocean backdrop and the transparent stage at Conrad Koh Samui, I was never able to set my eyes on another venue. I soon contacted the Wedding Bliss Thailand, who showcased many creative and gorgeous weddings in Thailand and around the world on their Instagram page.

    I was more than satisfied to have them as my wedding planner. They not only helped ensure every detail of my wedding day was perfect, but also made sure our trip and our guests’ trip (including our dog Mengmeng traveling from USA to Thailand) ran smoothly.”

    The bride and groom chose to limit their guest list to close friends and families, so they could create an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. During the wedding planning process, every detail and décor aspect was taken into consideration, ensuring the entire wedding day reflected the couple’s personalities and their bond with each other.

    “During the ceremony, we chose a sweet pastel color palette to be included in the floral compositions,” Maggie describes. “Periwinkle, ballet slipper, plumeria, azalea, berries, and baby blue with a three-windowed wedding arch was set on a transparent glass stage over the pool.”

    The bride loved the idea of adding fruits to the decorations. Grapes and berries were added as a component to both the floral arch, bouquets, and reception table setups. A wall of pastel colored donuts also replaced the traditional wedding cake during the reception, as the bride was looking for something more fun and less traditional.

    The reception took place by the ocean surrounded by an exquisite tropical setting, with hanging flowers in pastel metallics, a canopy of fairy lights, and chandeliers adding an air of lightness.


    Planning and Event Design: The Wedding Bliss, Thailand; Dress: Tony Ward; Engagement Ring: Cartier