• Photography By:

    Kay Kroshus Photography


    July 14, 2018. Graeagle, California

    It was 2012 when Meadow Robinson and Nick Kounalakis first met at a pool party in Cabo San Lucas, where they shared a few drinks. “There was an immediate sense of intrigue and attraction, and a feeling of excitement and nervousness that I never felt before,” Nick describes. “I never met someone with this combination of confidence, kindness, humor, and beauty.”

    “I was struck by how genuinely confident and charming Nick was from the second I met him,” Meadow recalls. “Self-assured but also so approachable, relatable, and fun. Also, he had the abs of a Greek god.” She proceeded to invite Nick out to dinner with her group of 18 friends that same evening. Over the next few days, the two spent time dancing, laughing, and getting to know each other.


    At the time, Meadow was living in Calgary and Nick was in San Francisco. Before they parted ways, however, Nick asked Meadow if she would visit him – and a month later, she did. After three and a half years of dating long-distance, Meadow made the move to the City by the Bay. Later, they were engaged in Greece aboard a boat Nick had chartered.

    “When Nick and I found Chalet, it made the wedding planning process so easy,” says Meadow. “We shared a lot of the same vision when it came to creating the ambiance of our wedding weekend. Once we met with Paulette, she made every vision come to life. We wanted to be outside to enjoy the beautiful tall trees and scenery, so we chose stringing market lights to create a bit of ambiance. We kept our décor simple and true to nature with a touch of romance so that we could focus on the beauty of the property.”

    “One of my favorite moments was during our first dance,” she continues. “All day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; but during our first dance, light rain began to fall – and I am convinced that it was a sign from our grandparents who have passed, reminding us that they were there with us in spirit. The rain stopped as soon as our first dance finished, and we went on to enjoy the rest of the evening.”

    The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Bali, which was an incredible way to begin their new life together. “One evening, as we were walking to dinner, we found ourselves outside the main center and towards some rice fields,” Meadow shares. 

    “We were convinced that we were lost. We were just about to give up and turn around when we saw hundreds of fireflies dancing in the darkness. Neither of us had seen anything like it before. We decided to continue our journey, and we found the restaurant, making it just before it closed. It was such a wonderful experience that we will remember for years to come.”


    Location and Rentals: Chalet View Lodge, Graeagle, CA