Milestone occasions take place throughout our lifetimes, whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a 100th birthday. Jewelry will always be a favorite when it comes to commemorating those occasions, and Harry Winston diamonds are an extra luxurious way to celebrate. Harry Winston himself was a gemologist, businessman, and philanthropist – all, qualities that served to build his fine jewelry and watchmaking empire since its 1932 inception. One of the most remarkable facts about the jewelry designer was his approach to creating each piece. Rather than focusing on the metal settings, he would consider each diamond individually and allow the gemstone itself to dictate the creative direction for that piece of jewelry. In essence, the DNA of his brand laid within those Harry Winston diamonds; and that’s quite possibly the perfect recipe for meaningful diamond accessories meant to celebrate milestone occasions.

Harry Winston Engagement Rings

The only thing that could make a romantic proposal any more special is to top it off with a Harry Winston engagement ring. Each ring is spectacular in quality and design, and there’s certainly enough diamond shapes and styles to suit anyone’s taste. However, there’s something especially stunning about a large emerald-cut diamond engagement ring with side stones. Brides would need only the simplest of wedding bands, as a Harry Winston engagement ring is enough of a statement on its own.

Harry Winston Timepieces
Timepieces are a beautifully classic way to celebrate milestone occasions. The Winston Kaleidoscope timepiece is a stunning display of pear and marquise-cut diamonds, carefully arranged to create a dazzling watch.

Harry Winston Accessories
From birthday gifts to holiday surprises, Harry Winston jewelry is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. A garland of Harry Winston diamonds is the perfect bridal necklace to complement any strapless ballgown; and a charming pair of diamond earrings would make for an unforgettable gift for bridesmaids.