Passion, dedication and creativity are the spiritual holy trinity for every true chef and, as with exceptional recipes, each ingredient is essential. Andy Snow embodies this recipe.

Though a man of measured words, his food speaks volumes. He is a chef with a passion for all things culinary and all things that could, if imagined differently, be culinary. In 1987 he launched Feastivities Events with his wife Meryl.

After 26 years and thousands of weddings, corporate and social events he still has the obsession to create. As a Chef he’s in the kitchen and he’s always excited to be there. His enthusiasm both motivates and inspires his staff. He nurtures this attitude by working along side his team and showing them, on a daily basis, what they can accomplish.

Feastivities Events employs a team of classically trained chefs, committed to serving only the highest quality food, using the best ingredients. Feastivities Events strive to celebrate local farmers, sustainable seafood, and provide the freshest natural and organic ingredients. 

The brand is built on the quality of the food, presentation and service that they offer. All perishable food items are prepared fresh daily. The entire repertoire of menu items is made from scratch and all dessert items are baked in house (even crackers!)