As a leading luxury wedding catering company in Southern California, 24 Carrots Catering and Events has long been providing couples and corporate parties with a gourmet selection of cocktails and cuisine. Despite this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, 24 Carrots has continued to be a pillar of the SoCal wedding community. During the early weeks of quarantine, the company took an innovative approach to providing meals to families in need, while also offering customers a safe way to shop. The 24 Provisions program was a much-needed way for people to purchase family meals and grocery staples. Months later, the 24 Carrots team is now offering their luxury wedding catering services for intimate, micro weddings and events.

Food and drinks from 24 Carrots are both artful yet familiar, sophisticated yet comforting. To create a wedding guest experience even the most selective foodie will love, couples should incorporate thoughtful catering services and details throughout the day. Welcome drinks or a pre-ceremony cocktail, for example, is a great way to greet guests before the nuptials; and cocktail hour is the perfect time to let one’s culinary imagination run wild. A raw bar and individually portioned plates of ceviche make for the perfect bite, while whimsical cones of avocado and tuna tartare look beautiful when being passed around a cocktail lounge or lanai.

One of the characteristics that sets luxury wedding catering apart from the rest is the inspired, artistic approach chefs take when curating a wedding menu. Each dish should be meaningful to the couple, carefully plated, and – of course – delicious. Rather than a straightforward presentation of cake and fruit, the 24 Carrots team may opt for cubes of cake and shaved chocolate plated atop a tart coulis. Alternatively, an entire dessert buffet may be designed with platters of petit fours and pot de cremes. Even comfort food like tacos and ramen can be reimagined into something new, unique, and unexpected. It’s the extra thought and care that goes into each culinary detail that puts 24 Carrots Catering and Events into a league of its own.

Along with gourmet catering, the 24 Carrots service menu also includes bar service, staffing, and full-scale event production.