The story of Il Palagio’s renaissance began when Sting and Trudie Styler purchased the Tuscan property in 1997. With vineyards dating back to the 16th century, the land was in dire need of care if it would ever be suitable for cultivation again. Today, after years of hard work and restoration, Il Palagio is a life-giving estate producing its own olive oil, honey and, most notably, world-class wines. “We knew we wanted to maintain the tradition and agriculture of the estate,” Trudie explains, “so we began renovation of the vineyards, replacing 27 acres of vines in 2000 under the direction of the late famed viticulturist, Alan York.”

Since then, 11 hectares of vineyards have been replanted using organic farming methods. Within seven years, Sister Moon was launched as Il Palagio’s flagship wine and in 2016 it was on Wine Spectator’s list of Top 100 Italian Wines. The best grapes from several varieties, each growing at a different time of year, have been selected and aged separately in French oak barrels before being combined into an intoxicating blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Three velvety reds join Sister Moon in rounding out the Il Palagio wine collection.

The nomenclature of these wines is rather poetic, with three being named after Sting’s iconic songs and each representing a distinct concept or feeling. Casino delle Vie is a robust concoction suitable for the daily dinner table. Message in a Bottle embodies the idea behind Sting’s “Message in a Bottle” lyrics, which is about the universal human need to connect—in this case, sharing a beautiful bottle of wine with loved ones. And When We Dance is a lighthearted Chianti, perfect for everyday and milestone celebrations alike.

Each bottle carries a message of cultural preservation, rebirth of the land and the importance of sustainability. “Even though Il Palagio may be young within the landscape of Italian wines, the results of our work started long ago,” says Sting. “It comes from a dream Trudie and I had to produce a wine that is healthy and has a high quality. We always respect the environment above all, and we know the soil needs work, time and dedication.” “With the brilliant guidance of our winemakers, Paolo Caciorgna and Daniel O’Donnell, and our estate manager, Paolo Rossi, this magnificent endeavor has been more rewarding than Sting and I could ever have imagined,” Trudie shares.

This wine collection is a pure testament of Sting and Trudie’s passion for their estate, and allows people around the world to taste and share the success of Il Palagio’s revival.

> Written by Lauren Malamala