• Photography By:

    Liv Hoffman Photography


    June 24, 2017. Ojai, California

    Back in 1989, Austin Brasch was just starting Kindergarten when he met his lifelong friend, Blake. Although he knew he had met a buddy for life, he had no idea that Blake would be the link between him and his future spouse, Alexandra Solomon. Blake’s mother, Lee, is Alexandra’s godmother – so for any family functions or holidays that took place at Lee’s house, Alexandra and Austin would always be in tow. The two children didn’t know it at the time, but their sporadic conversations and interactions over the next 25 years were slowly laying the foundation for their relationship today.

    Austin and Alexandra’s first date was during happy hour at one of their favorite Santa Monica restaurants, which turned into hours of conversation and laughter. Both knew they had something special when, out of complete spontaneity, they decided their third date would be a weeklong road trip to Colorado. From the beginning, Alexandra remembers always feeling safe and comfortable around Austin, knowing she could be herself. Austin recalls knowing he’d found his perfect match and best friend, and being comfortable with her, even in silence. 


    Just over a year later, Austin proposed to Alexandra while camping at their favorite spot in Big Sur. It was the perfect location atop a steep bluff that overlooked the ocean, with miles of stunning coastline surrounding them. That night, the newly engaged pair went into town for a celebratory dinner, where Austin’s parents had arranged a bottle of champagne, dessert, and a congratulatory note for them. To this day, the couple returns every year around the same time for their annual camping trip.

    During the wedding planning process, Alexandra and Austin took matters into their own hands and selected everything themselves – from the venue, to the caterers, to the name cards. Their wedding vision was a simple one: to have a fun and easygoing party that everyone would remember for years to come. While it was a stressful and tedious task, it was an experience that only brought them closer together.

    The wedding day was a casual, yet elegant affair surrounded by nature, friends, family, and copious amounts of love. An intimate ceremony was held at a friend’s five-acre property, where the bride and groom were married by the groom’s brother, Preston. Under the shade of two olive trees with branches that formed a natural archway, the couple said, “I do.”

    Allowing the dust to settle from their wedding for a few months, the newlyweds eventually set out on their dream honeymoon that included ten days in Sri Lanka, followed by four days in the Maldives. Both countries proved to be an indescribable experience, and one Alexandra and Austin will have the joy of reliving through stories and photos during their “happily ever after.”


    Wedding Dress: Daughters of Simone; Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss