For Jody and Daniel Uchitel, it all started with a swipe right – then another swipe right. Roughly seven more swipes and two years of persistence later, they finally went on a first date. From the moment Jody rushed into the restaurant ten minutes late, she and Daniel knew they had found “their person” and have been inseparable ever since.

A Destination Engagement

On the weekend of February 13th, Jody and Daniel ventured down to San Diego. Daniel knew he was going to ask Jody’s parents for her hand in marriage, but he had to figure out a way to do so without Jody being suspicious and asking questions. The second Jody excused herself, Daniel knew it was the perfect opportunity.

“Daniel quickly turned to my dad and told him that he’d like to have a talk with him and my mom without me present,” Jody shares. “It took my dad a moment to realize what Daniel was hinting at, but as soon as it clicked, he instantly agreed. We went on a walk as my dad excitedly woke up my mom to let her know the good news heading their way. A few hours later, while I was getting ready for dinner, Daniel snuck downstairs and asked my parents for my hand in marriage. Without hesitation, they gave Daniel a hug and their blessing.”

In May, the couple traveled to Portugal, where Daniel had been planning a destination engagement. On the morning of June 1st, they woke up early at 6 a.m. for a private tour of Sintra. After a 45-minute drive, a 15-minute Uber, and another 20-minute walk in the rain and wind, they finally made it to Peña Palace.

“Daniel had rented out an entire palace to ask me to marry him,” says Jody. “Talk about a fairytale proposal. He got down on one knee and we both blacked out, but it was the easiest yes I had ever said.”

“Daniel had rented out an entire palace to ask me to marry him.”

Planning a Wedding with Aliana Events

Jody had been planning her wedding ever since she could formulate her own thoughts as a child.

“We were lucky to work with Aliana,” she remarks, “who took our vision and ideas, and turned it into an absolute dream. It was so important to us that not only it be the most special and incredible event for us, but memorable and enjoyable for our guests too. We wanted every person that walked into the room to have the time of their lives, so every decision was made with utmost thought.”

A Classic and Romantic Wedding at The Beverly Hills Hotel

When the big day arrived, the bride and groom felt remarkably calm. After all the wedding planning, they were simply excited to be getting married.

“I had so much fun getting ready and loved putting on my wedding for the official, real event,” the bride recalls. “Once I was ready, I just couldn’t wait to see Daniel. Daniel was waiting at the top of the grand stairs for me and when I got up there, he turned around. Instantly, he began to cry and for the next few minutes, it was like we were only the person in the world. We stood there together and just took it all in.”

It was a classic and romantic wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with décor that served to create a stunning ambiance. For months, the team worked to design a custom chuppah, as it was the couple’s most important part of the wedding. 

“Seeing it come together as perfectly as it did was incredible,” the bride adds. “We had a raised mirror catwalk with candles lighting up the whole way to our whimsical, rose wrapped chuppah. As you entered the aisle, there was a massive tree draped in hanging lights. We wanted the reception to tie in elements from the ceremony, so we had mirror tables, beautiful cherry blossom trees with hanging candle votives and beautiful white roses on every table. Our florist created a gorgeous ceiling installation that tied in all the decor from the tables and really pulled the room together.”

The couple had a choreographed dance planned for their first dance, which they had practiced for months leading up to the wedding. Five minutes before making their grand entrance, Daniel hesitated and wasn’t sure if he could perform the dance. However, after a Red Bull and a quick practice, the newlyweds “absolutely nailed it” on the dance floor in front of their guests.

“Before our wedding, we were given some advice by close friends of ours,” says Jody. “They told us that everything in the day, the reception especially, and we need to remind ourselves to stop for a moment and take it all in. So every once in a while, we would pause for a moment, look around us at the beautiful ballroom filled with all the people we love and just take it all in.”


Location: The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA; Planner & Event Design: Aliana Events Los Angeles, CA; Floral Design: Celio’s Design Los Angeles, CA; Dress: Galia Lahav; Hair: Nicholas Flores; Make-Up: Makeup By Shadi; Band: Eli’s Band Los Angeles, CA; Invitations: Twin Ravens Press Eugene, OR; Cinematography: The Hubs Los Angeles, CA; Photography: This Modern Romance Costa Mesa, CA