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    July 16, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida

    Christopher Bosh had plenty of reasons for crooning, “I Gotta Feeling,” in the shower. He’d just signed with Miami Heat, had a bid accepted on a house, and although Adrienne Williams was suspicious, he could still catch her off-guard by proposing at their new home. First, however, he had to find it. As Chris made a wrong turn, it hit him: “This is really going to happen,” and “I don’t know what I’m going to say."

    As he reveled about their good fortune, Adrienne gave him the alley-oop: “You can’t be scared of great things,” she reminded him. And when she turned, the 6’11” forward was “already on one knee,” asking, “Why don’t you be great with me?” Adrienne, a petite five feet, says, “I got to see him eye-to-eye and say, ‘Yes!’” Then, in their down-to-earth celebration ritual, they went for a burger, shake and fries.


    The couple met in June of 2009 at a New York charity event, and thanks to constant texts, calls and emails, they were best friends before their first date that October. Adrienne skipped that night’s preseason match-up; “Now, I cheer him on at every game,” she says. From the start, Chris thought “she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.” Her feistiness disarmed and ultimately charmed him. “She was the first woman to give me a hard time all the time,” he marvels.

    The two shared a vision, though, for their three-day celebration at Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau. “We’re into clean lines, modern Zen. That’s how our house is,” Adrienne says. On the road, candles remind them of home, so they “designed a scent and incorporated that candle into every event.” The fragrance always “takes me right back to my wedding day,” Adrienne says.

    Chris sent his bride a note—with a burger, shake and fries—before their family-focused, bilingual ceremony. Circular seating “made 300 people feel like 50,” recalls Adrienne, who donned an Oscar de la Renta gown she’d discovered at a Miami trunk show. As the pastor slipped, “You’ll agree she’s perfect,” into their vows, Chris’s “Yeah, that’s a good one,” sparked laughter.

    Dinner featured dry-aged steaks and decadent, family-style sides. Fireworks and dancing kept many revelers awake until daybreak. From jet-setting celebrities to folks like her dad, who had only left her native Indiana once, Adrienne says, “It was awesome to see everyone mixing together and having fun for the greatness of love and happiness."

    The newlyweds spent time with Chris’s 2-year-old, their flower girl, before a two-week honeymoon odyssey that took them from Saint-Tropez to Rome. Adrienne says Chris is the sole person she could be with on an island without Internet “and not go crazy.” Chris concedes: “She’s the first person I can’t imagine life without. Since the moment I met her, she’s made me a better person.” “We’re taking on the world together now,” says Adrienne. And, since they “want five children,” the occasions for burgers, shakes and fries will surely multiply.


    Location, Cake and Caterer: Fontainebleau Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL; Flora and Event Design, Planner: Triton Productions Miami Beach, FL; Rentals: Fabulous Events & Décor Miami, FL; Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting Silver Spring, MD; Groom's Attire: Waraire Boswell; Wedding Dress: Oscar de la Renta

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