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    October 29, 2016 in San Francisco, California

    The love story of Michelle Le and Jonathan Leu began when they first met at a friend’s house party in Minneapolis. Michelle had just moved to the city, and the two quickly learned that they lived in the same apartment complex. Over the next few weeks, Jon and Michelle started hanging out almost daily, soon becoming good friends.

    It was around this time that Jon also found a great job opportunity in San Francisco, and moved to the west coast while Michelle was still in Minneapolis. The NBA playoffs were starting shortly after, so they made a sports bet where the loser would have to visit the other person in their current city. Michelle ultimately lost the bet and ended up traveling to San Francisco. Since Jon was the only person she knew there, they spent the entire trip alone together, and their relationship evolved into more than “just friends.”


    Fast forward seven years, and Jon was planning a trip to Paris for Michelle’s 30th birthday. On their first night in Paris, the couple went out for dinner before returning to their hotel suite. The hotel had a balcony, where Jon had arranged for the staff to create an engagement setup while they were out.

    Rose petals were strewn along the balcony, and the ring was set atop a Parisian café table with the glittering Eiffel Tower in the background. After dinner, Jon convinced Michelle to go outside and check out the view from the balcony. As soon as she turned around to go back inside, he got down on one knee and asked Michelle to marry him.

    After the engagement, life was a whirlwind of transitions and significant changes. Michelle and Jon both got new jobs and moved to NYC. Since they already chose the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as their wedding venue, they hired a west coast planner to make the wedding planning process as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

    Things became hectic leading up to the big day, especially with family flying in from all over the world for their destination wedding. The couple also decided to write their own vows, which ended up being a last-minute task. Still, it all proved to be worthwhile in the end.

    “Our wedding was everything we dreamt of,” Michelle and Jon say. “It was beautiful, everyone had fun, and the food was amazing. Everyone told us what a great time they had, and that’s all we could ever ask for.”


    Location: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA; Planner: Downey Street Events, San Francisco, CA; Floral Design: Amy Burke Designs, San Francisco, CA; Wedding Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige; Bridal Salon: The White Gown, New York, NY; Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen; Wedding Cake: The Whole Cake, Oakland, CA

    Dessert: Monofuku Milk Bar, New York, NY; Lighting: Got Light, San Francisco, CA; Hair & Makeup: Artists by Sherrie, Long Napa, CA; Wedding Bands: Cartier

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