• Photography By:

    Anée Atelier


    May 4, 2019. New York, New York

    “I never dreamed of my wedding day exactly,” says Sarah Passick, “but I did dream about what it would be like to find my person. After “her person” turned out to be Aaron Baldinger, a special proposal took place, setting the bar high for the couple’s wedding celebration.

    “Aaron is a director of an art gallery, and he told me that I should meet him on the roof of the Americano Hotel for an opening for a photographer we both love,” Sarah shares. 


    “I knew the engagement was coming, so when he told me about the opening, I checked the gallery website hoping he might be setting me up… but it was on the schedule. I went to meet him on the rooftop for the opening and, when the elevator doors opened, there were rose petals and candles everywhere. It turns out the opening was real, but Aaron had other plans.”

    The couple’s greatest wish was for their wedding to feel like them – wild, warm, filled with love, and with a sophisticated finish. Sarah’s mother spearheaded the wedding planning process, creating a décor scheme that reflected her love of flowers.

    “We knew the décor needed to complement the space, not overpower it; and Cipriani 25 Broadway had the most spectacular architecture with high, vaulted, painted ceilings. We wanted the room to feel romantic and lush; and Aaron grew up in Bethesda, Maryland with the most stunning cherry blossom tree in front of his house, so we knew we had to incorporate.”

    With the bride and groom both being Jewish, having a spectacular chuppah for the ceremony was another important element. The final masterpiece of pink and coral peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses, and orchids was so breathtaking that Sarah couldn’t help but cry.

    “It all got very real at that moment,” she reflects. “My favorite part of the night was our ceremony. When they started playing ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and I walked down the aisle and saw Aaron’s face smiling back at me, I felt so calm and complete. 

    I often wondered what it would feel like to love someone so completely that you want to bare your soul in front of everyone important in your life. And that’s how it felt standing up there with Aaron. The photos capture our emotions completely. It was the most magical and meaningful moment of my life.”


    Photography: Anée Atelier, New York, NY
    Dress: Livné White


    Photography: Anée Atelier, New York, NY; Dress: Livné White

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