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    September 3, 2017. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Corey Wolman and Amanda Caruso met over a decade ago after graduating from high school. “Unlike the usual fairy tale love at first sight, we instantly disliked each other,” Amanda recalls. “We were reunited five years later when a mutual friend tricked us into being voice actors for his animation project. What ensued was three hours of heckling each other in a small booth – but also the beginning of our friendship. Over the next two years, we shared travel tips and a mutual love of music that no one else heard of. Eventually, we realized that we would rather be doing these things together than apart, and on my 25th birthday, we started dating.”

    After scouring the world for the perfect canary yellow diamond and secretly spending three months designing an exquisite engagement ring, Corey popped the question at an outdoor spa in Mont-Tremblant. He’d been hiding the ring in his towel for most of the day, and finally presented it in a small clearing near the river. “I was shocked beyond belief and even punched him in the arm once I realized what was happening,” Amanda describes. “I soon followed that with tears and laughter, and I tried not to yell in the very strict ‘no speaking’ zone of the spa. Corey still had to ask whether or not that was a ‘yes.’”


    Right away, the couple dove into the wedding planning process, envisioning a Great Gatsby-themed celebration that would be a fun, over-the-top, and full of surprises. When the big day arrived, the wedding venue was draped in black and gold with ostrich feathers and flowers adding a dramatic touch.

    “I’ll forever remember walking down the aisle towards Corey, with my parents and my dachshund Weenie by my side as a string quartet played ‘Bittersweet Symphony,’” says the bride. “The whole time, Corey stood under the chuppah with his parents, trying everything he could to make me laugh. He wants me to mention that he still can’t help bouncing on the balls of his feet when he thinks about the moment he first saw me that day.”

    After the ceremony, the reception kicked off with a live band that had the entire room on their feet. With family tradition being important to the bride and groom, the wedding was the perfect mix of their Jewish and Italian sides, and guests danced both the hora and tarantella. “Corey was passed from shoulder to shoulder, while I was lifted in a chair that I couldn’t even fit on with my dress,” Amanda adds. “We shared toasts, special dances with our parents, and a couple of dance-offs. By the end of the night, as the venue shut its doors, we were surprised to find so many people still celebrating. It was the perfect way to end the night and start our lives together.”

    The newlyweds delayed their honeymoon by six months and ended up spending the month of March in Paris and Tuscany, traveling the countries in search of the best food and wine.


    Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav; Groom's Attire: Custom

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