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    October 26, 2019, Simi Valley, CA

    “I was fresh out of a relationship and living my best life as a single twenty-something in San Francisco,” says Jaime Morocco, “not necessarily looking for something, and not necessarily not looking for something, but took my mamma’s advice to ‘always be open.’ So, I thought I would put myself out there and I signed up for Tinder, OKCupid, etc.”

    Varun Pathak initially reached out to Jaime via OKCupid, and she responded with a simple, “Haha nice to meet you.” Although things didn’t progress at first, Varun persisted and asked Jaime out for wine about two months later. She agreed, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.


    “Our romance was a whirlwind and we quickly realized just how much of each other’s ‘puzzle piece’ we actually are,” Jaime shares. “Both entrepreneurs at heart, within one year of our relationship, we both quit our jobs in Silicon Valley and started our own businesses. I started an online fitness and nutrition coaching business and Varun started an app company. Varun’s business took us back east to Boston where we lived with my parents while we worked hard on our dreams.”

    Fitness and nutrition is Jaime’s main passion, but jewelry is a close second. Therefore, Varun gave her complete control over selecting her own engagement ring. It took over a year for Jaime to design the perfect ring, but the couple took advantage of the opportunity to plan their wedding before they were officially engaged. The proposal eventually took place during a romantic getaway in Hawaii.

    “On the last night of our trip, he told me that he had a special day planned,” Jaime describes. “We were staying at the Four Seasons in Hualalai, which might be one of the most magical hotels ever, and Varun had planned a full day of spa treatments, relaxation, and a special dinner. He even arranged for us to meet with the chef a few days prior to tell him what we liked. When it was dinner time, we were whisked away to a magical private beach where Varun had set up an amazing dinner under the stars. It was there he proposed to me with my dream ring, while a ukulele player played our song, ‘Sky Full of Stars.’ It was hands-down the best engagement ever!”

    For their big day, the couple envisioned a luxurious Jewish and Hindu fusion wedding that blended their two cultures together. Leora from Best Bride became what Jaime refers to as her “fairy godmother,” planning and executing every detail to perfection. The wedding was to be hosted at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, and the couple enjoyed the logistics and multiple trips they took during the wedding planning process.

    “I had my wedding dress and my reception dress custom made in Israel by Helena Kolan and I went out twice – once with my dad and once with my mom – for fittings,” says Jaime. “Varun’s tux was from Tom Ford in NYC, and my Indian outfit was made in the bay area. Between trips abroad, to NYC and CA for wedding stuff, we were traveling every week for the year, but it was just so much fun!”

    The wedding day was an epic experience for all in attendance, and one thing was certain – the bride loves color. Each portion of the day had a different color palette, beginning with the traditional Hindu Bahraat and ceremony with pops of vibrant colors on the cushions, mandap, and walkway. Next was a “classy street food experience,” featuring top Punjabi and Israeli chefs who made traditional street food as a live saxophonist played in the background.

    “After the cocktail hour, it was time for the Jewish ceremony where the energy took a more emotional turn,” says the bride. “The chuppah was made of ombre pink flowers and hanging crystals to give the appearance that it was floating. Our amazing band sang Andrea Boccelli’s ‘Con Te Partiro’ – half in Italian and half in Hebrew – to pay homage to both my roots.”

    The Jewish ceremony was followed by a blowout reception filled with hanging crystals and flowers, and every guest raved about how unforgettable the entire day had been.

    After the celebrations, Jaime and Varun drove up the coast for a mini honeymoon at Four Seasons Santa Barbara and are planning on a longer trip together once the post-COVID world opens up again. Jaime’s favorite mini-moon moment? The night when she and her husband ordered ice cream sundaes and watched Aladdin.


    Location: Hummingbird Nest Ranch Simi Valley, CA; Planning & Event Design: Best Bride Beverly Hills, CA; Floral Design: Butterfly Florals Los Angeles, CA; Mini Honeymoon Location: Four Seasons Santa Barbara

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