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    February 3, 2018. Boca Raton, Florida

    Just as many of today’s romantic connections begin, Amandeep and Nigel first met online and arranged for a first date shortly after. “The first time I met her was the first time I was captured by her inner and outer beauty,” Nigel recalls. “We talked for hours on end and laughed a lot. Our communication just came so naturally – we shared life stories, values, passions, and future plans.”

    When it came time to pop the question, Nigel wanted to make Aman’s dream of visiting the Maldives come true in the most memorable way possible and planned a tour of Asia that ended in the islands. “On the day of the proposal in the Maldives, I rented a small island a few miles away from the resort for lunch,” Nigel describes.


    “Aman was thrilled to have a picnic lunch on our private island that we had all to ourselves for a few hours. As evening came, I asked her to get ready for dinner at a nice restaurant; and on the walk over, I surprised her with a private dinner on the beach. The beach was decorated to create an air of romance. Following dinner, I asked our waiter to take a picture of us. As Aman posed, I quickly grabbed the ring, went down on one knee and let out those four magic words.”

    The wedding planning process involved piecing together a Sikh ceremony and a civil ceremony for the big day. “It was a huge blessing to have the L’Escape team plan our wedding, with Jaspreet and Raun making the whole process a lot smoother,” Nigel adds. “Everything we envisioned came to life and surpassed our expectations.”

    Aman and Nigel’s wedding was a celebration filled with love and laughter. “As is Punjabi tradition, my shoes were stolen at the Sikh ceremony by Aman’s family,” says the groom. “My feet were so cold during lunch, and I had no idea how to negotiate my shoes back until I noticed Aman’s five-year-old niece (and flower girl) smiling as if she had a secret. I approached the flower girl, my prime suspect, asking her if she knew where my shoes were, but she refused to tell me. After doing some serious negotiating with her (I offered to buy her a big ice cream sundae), she quickly pointed to where my shoes were. Day saved.”

    For their honeymoon, the newlyweds planned a three-week trip around the world to London, Santorini, Croatia, Cappadocia, and Tel Aviv.


    Location: The Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL; Planner: L'Escape Destination Weddings Miami, FL

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