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    Jabari Cain


    December 8, 2019. Newnan, GA

    It was March of 2013 when Safia had planned a birthday dinner for her friend, Nadia, at Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side of NYC. Safia and her friends were gathered in a circle by the bar as they waited for their table, when suddenly the group seemed to  break up. Before she knew it, she was face to face with Jordan McCray and shaking her head as if she had just woken from a dream.

    “I thought to myself, ‘This man is tall and handsome!’” Safia recalls. Jordan and I exchanged names, connected because we were both Aries, and were surprised to find out that we both lived in Brooklyn. I quickly got to the point by asking Jordan what his intentions were. The dinner table was finally ready, so Nadia walked up to us and said ‘Safia, let’s go, the table is ready!’ Jordan and I continued talking.


    A few minutes later, Nadia walked back up to us and instructed Jordan to take my number, so we could go eat. Jordan smirked and said, ‘So, are you going to give me your number?’ Of course, I did! I was surprised to see that he texted me shortly after I sat at the table. It's funny, because earlier in the day I thought to myself, ‘Let me get a new sexy dress, in case I meet my husband tonight.’

    Jordan also remembers that night as if it were yesterday. He and one of his best friends, Julian James, were bar-hopping on the Lower East Side when they walked into Beauty & Essex, which was packed. While waiting for enough space to clear on the second floor, Jordan noticed Safia and her group of friends; but even with her back towards him, Safia stood out.

    “I noticed one woman who was tall, in a sexy dress, and had these nice legs,” Jordan describes. “She looked so beautiful, and I refused to leave without at least making an attempt to talk to her. Julian, without even flinching, boldly walked into the middle of the group of about ten women (it felt like 50) to distract them, while I went over and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, looked up into my eyes, and said, ‘Oh, hello.’ Safia was even more beautiful up close. 

    She was smiling and inviting, which made me feel comfortable and relaxed instead of nervous. We did the typical small talk and introductions, but the chemistry during the conversation was very easy and natural. We were holding up her party being seated at their table for dinner, and I knew my window of opportunity was closing fast. Before I could close, one of her friends came over, and wrapped it up for us by telling me to just take Safia's number already. We both started laughing, she gave me her number, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

    Fast forward to Safia and Jordan’s wedding day, and the two were celebrating with a beautiful ode to their cultures and backgrounds. “I am very proud to be Jamaican, and Jordan is very proud of being born and raised in Atlanta,” Safia shares. “At the wedding, we had a steel pan artist; a live band; tons of West Indian and Southern-inspired foods; a popular West-Indian DJ who traveled from New York to MC and play music for our reception; a black cake for our guests; and gave out flags unique to everyone’s heritage. Additionally, we hired a dream team of vendors to execute our vision of a luxury garden wedding. Our guests are still sharing with us how much they loved celebrating with us. Jordan and I are blessed!”


    Ceremony Location: Cathedral of St. Peter Wilmington, DE

    Reception Location: Hotel Du Pont Wilmington, DE

    Planning: Masterplan Events Silver Spring, MD

    Event Design: Masterplan Events, BCG Events & Light Source

    Floral Design: BCG Events

    Ceremony Programs: Voke Designs

    Cinematography: Malekfoto Weddings Dallas TX

    Ceremony Dress: Leo Almodal

    Reception Dress: Brides By Nona Atlanta, GA

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