• Photography By:

    Rich Lander

    Dallar Amirian & Elvis Torosyan

    July 9, 2021 in Laguna Niguel, CA

    Dallar Amirian and Elvis Torosyan were only 15 years-old when they met in high school. The two students would often cross paths at social events and parties, but their first “real” memory together was when they kissed at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Thirteen years passed after that without any significant happenings, as both teenagers went their separate ways. However, fate eventually brought them back together when they ended up moving into the same apartment building.

    “What started as some casual hellos in the hall, turned into, ‘I’ll see you tonight for dinner and a movie at my apartment,’” Dallar describes. “It felt like we never missed a beat. The conversations were flowing, and there was never a dull moment together. It was just meant to be!”

    “The conversations were flowing, and there was never a dull moment together.”

    For Elvis’ birthday, Dallar planned a big trip to Greece as her gift to him. Throughout the trip, she had an inkling that there may be a proposal; but as time went on, she started to lose hope. Of course, Elvis had a plan all along.

    “As we headed to dinner in Santorini,” explains Dallar, “our favorite song started to play as we walked to our table. I looked at him in shock as he got down on one knee by our seats at the cliff's edge, with the sunset and the caldera views as the backdrop. It was magical!”

    Like all couples who were planning a wedding at the height of the pandemic, Dallar and Elvis experienced multiple rough patches during their wedding planning process – from changing the date three times, to changing their wedding venue twice. With the help of their wedding planner and families, however, the couple managed to host a magical wedding with a view at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Located along the majestic Pacific Coast, the property lent itself to setting the stage for an incredible celebration.

    “We chose an absolutely perfect wedding venue,” says Dallar. “Being right next to the ocean and waking up to the brightest day of the weekend made all the stress of planning melt away. Since we did not see each other until the ceremony, it was very emotional; and as I walked down the aisle, it was almost impossible to hide it. My husband and I both had tears in our eyes when we first saw each other.”

    Between the wedding view and immaculate décor, the ambiance of Dallar and Elvis’ big day was nothing short of romantic and royal. Shades of nude and touches of gold made up a significant part of their mood board. The oceanfront wedding ceremony was spectacular, with the bride making her way down a 26-foot mirrored aisle. Even the peach floral ceremony backdrop added a breathtaking touch, as it was cleverly designed to mimic cathedral arches.

    “We wanted the ceremony and reception to have different vibes,” Dallar adds. “After the ceremony, guests moved to the patio for cocktail hour before heading to the ballroom for the opulent golden reception. Hundreds of flowers were suspended from the ceiling, which had a dramatic effect when combined with the gold mirrored floor. The dinner consisted of a six-course meal, and we ended the night with a surprise midnight snack by In-n-Out. It was one of the most amazing and eventful nights we have had or will probably ever have. It was all worth it!”

    “For our honeymoon, we traveled to St. Barts,” she continues. “It was so picturesque with its beaches, lavish restaurants, and perfect weather. Every place we went, we had an amazing time – from becoming best friends with every manager and DJ at every restaurant, to having our time to relax on the beach and even renting a boat one day. With the white sand and crystal-clear blue water, we really enjoyed just being alone together with no worries or stress.”


    Photography: Rich Lander; Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Niguel, CA; Floral Design: Eddie Zaratsian, Los Angeles, CA

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