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    Matthew Harper and Carley Turner were both on vacation when their groups of friends ran into each other. Even though they were strangers, their mutual friends were former college classmates. Matthew, being somewhat shy and reserved, asked his friend to introduce him to Carley. “I couldn’t believe how stunning she was,” he says. “I was even more surprised to see that she was friendly and easy to talk to, which helped because I was so intimidated by her beauty. After she left, I couldn’t stop talking about her.”

    The attraction was definitely mutual, as Carley says, “Matthew was stunningly handsome – not only physically, but his big smile and shy demeanor was captivating. He truly didn’t know how beautiful he was, which was so refreshing. He was humble and talked about how he wanted to be a football coach someday; but at that time, he was grateful for a graduate assistant coaching position for the University of Oregon.


    I was so impressed to hear how hard he worked and how honest he was about being at the beginning of his career; openly admitting that it wasn’t financially glamorous. He was so genuine, unlike anyone I had ever met.”

    With Carley working in Los Angeles for a company that researches and develops chemotherapies for Multiple Myeloma, she and Matthew exchanged numbers and had to rely on phone calls to keep in touch for the two months after their initial encounter. Then, after they became an official couple, Matthew received a dream job offer to be an NFL football coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. For the next four years, the couple dated long-distance between the coasts. When Matthew visited during the offseason, he would make lunch for Carley and meet her at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Sometimes, he would even surprise her and wait for her at the mansion, as she often walked around there during lunch while calling to say how much she missed him.

    One evening Matthew picked up Carley up from work, so they could go to one last dinner before he flew back to Philadelphia. He suggested a walk around Greystone Mansion, and as they walked down an aisle lined with trees and fountains, Carley noticed her favorite flowers surrounding a giant picture of them from the night they began their relationship. There, Matthew popped the question – and revealed that he had already flown to Colorado, rented a car, and drove four extra hours to Carley’s father’s peach farm to ask for her hand in marriage.

    Such a beautiful journey of love culminated with a gorgeous Southern California wedding. A mix of white, beige, pink, red, and black flowers created a modern and sophisticated feel, and tables were lined with floral arrangements in different heights, towering black candelabras, and bowls of fresh berries. As guests danced the night away on a clear dance floor covering an indoor pool, everyone was surrounded by unique touches, including a dramatic flower wall, and huge displays of peaches – a nod to the bride growing up on a peach farm.

    “After years of loving each other from thousands of miles apart, this experience was truly the most incredible celebration of our lives,” Carley says. “Every person that worked on our wedding with us was absolutely exceptional. Our vendors were as important to us as our family and friends; they all made our wedding the most incredible experience.”


    Location, Event Design and Planner: VIP Events and Weddings, Dana Point, CA: Floral Design: Tustin Flowers Orange, CA; Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav; Bridal Salon: Bridal Reflections New York, NY

    Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Groom’s Attire: Michael Kors; Cake: Sweet Traders Huntington Beach, CA

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