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    September 27, 2014 in Palm Springs, California

    Bridget O’Brian and Ty London had always been involved in similar social circles, but didn’t officially meet until July 20, 2012. As Ty said during their marriage vows, “My heart knew before that very first night was over, that we would be together forever.” The couple started dating immediately after, and Ty began planning his proposal within six months.

    For their one-year anniversary, Bridget and Ty traveled to Bora Bora, where they stayed in a beautiful overwater bungalow. Much to Bridget’s surprise, Ty had booked their own private boat for a sunset cruise, where they marveled at the view while sitting on the bow of the ship.


     Eventually, they docked at a small land mass and the captain announced, “Mr. London, we have arrived at your own private island.” Tiki torches lit a path to a private table, where they were served champagne and an array of exquisite Polynesian dishes.

    While enjoying their own private island, Ty began discussing their mutual Native American heritage, and how his grandmother moved from her Indian reservation in Missouri to Las Vegas, and became a Vegas showgirl. Her first love was Bugsy Siegel, who proposed to her with a beautiful ring. Although their engagement didn’t last, his grandmother had kept the ring and passed it down to his mother as a family heirloom. After he finished his story, Ty asked Bridget if she was ready for her present. “Present?” she asked, “Isn’t this week in paradise with a chartered boat and private island my present?” Ty then set a black velvet box in front of her, got down on one knee, and popped the question in the middle of what is now named “Engagement Island.”

    The couple began planning their wedding in Palm Springs, knowing they wanted their special day to be unique and memorable. Since many of their guests would be flying in to Southern California for the celebration, they also wanted to treat them to a fun-filled weekend, concluding with their wedding at the Palm Springs Art Museum. The wedding planning process was headed by Tamara Bolton of Sensorium Event Productions. “Working with Tamara was a privilege,” Bridget says. “We became like sisters.”

    Upon entering the art museum, guests were greeting by a “living red carpet”–that is, a beautiful model wearing a red dress with a train so long, it doubled as the carpet itself. That was only the first of many surprises the couple had in store for the evening. After the ceremony, everyone headed downstairs for a cocktail hour in the atrium, where a lady worked the room in a dress adorned with champagne-filled glasses.

    The reception was luxuriously chic, modern and romantic. Tables of various shapes and sizes were placed around the priceless artwork in the garden. A long pool with subtle fountains and a streamlined bridge became the room’s centerpiece, where the sweetheart table was located, and an incredible floral arrangement spread across the table into both sides of the water. With lavish food, live entertainment, and personalized party favors, the celebration was memorable for everyone in attendance. One of the greatest compliments the newlyweds received was when someone yelled out, “This place is so full of love that NO ONE is not getting kissed tonight!”

    After their wedding, Bridget and Ty honeymooned in Dubai and the Maldives.


    Ceremony Location: Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA; Reception Location: Twin Palms, Sinatra House, Palm Springs, CA; Event Design and Planner: Sensorium Event Productions, Palm Springs, CA; Floral Design: LeeLina Martin, Long Beach, CA; Wedding Dress and VeilVera Wang

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