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    August 23, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts

    On a rooftop garden, overlooking the city of Boston, Stephanie Orton and Frank Puccio took the next step on their journey together, one that began almost a decade ago.

    The two had attended Bentley University but didn’t meet until a study abroad program brought them both to Italy. In Venice, Frank’s travel experience allowed him to play tour guide for their group, and to Frank’s delight, Stephanie found herself following along with everyone else. “It was my first trip abroad,” Stephanie says, “and he made travel seem so easy.” Frank managed to break away with Stephanie and get a drink in the Piazza della Repubblica, without the rest of the group. Though this first date was unofficial, it was no less magical. There was live music, a carousel in the square, and they spent the night talking until the sun was almost up.


    Official dates eventually followed, taking the two all across the world. Through all their adventures, Stephanie and Frank realized how well they fit together. “We support each other’s goals and ambitions,” Stephanie says. “We’re each other’s equals.” It wasn’t always easy. Frank went to Australia early in their relationship, and they were separated more often than not. But their love and understanding got them through. “We’ve always been a strong pair,” Stephanie says. “It just works.”

    After many years together supporting one another, Frank took the next step. Halfway through a vacation in France, the two stopped to eat at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. The amazing food and views kept distracting Stephanie. “I was talking nonstop, kept looking out the window, and looking back at him.” And there, overlooking the city and foreshadowing the wedding ceremony to come, Frank surprised her. “At one point I looked back, and he was down on one knee!” The newly engaged couple spent the evening watching Bastille Day fireworks and calling relatives with the exciting news.

    Once back in Massachusetts, the hunt for the perfect venue began. As soon as Frank and Stephanie saw 9OFS in Boston, they knew it was exactly what they wanted. “It felt a lot like us,” says Stephanie, “urban, modern, fun, not too serious or traditional.” Located inside an office building, the venue is a nontraditional loft-style space, with a rooftop garden. Stephanie’s uncle, of John Orton Flowers and Events, took care of the décor, using minimalist colors to highlight the natural urban beauty of the location. He also managed to weave subtle mementos of the couple’s travels throughout the reception area, including a little Eiffel Tower.

    After the ceremony, family and friends got to enjoy dinner inside the gorgeous venue space, with cupcakes and a Cold Stone ice cream bar for dessert. Then it was right back out to the rooftop, where the music kept everyone dancing in the summer air for the rest of the night.

    The newlyweds honeymooned in Singapore, Cambodia and the Maldives, reveling in the history and beautiful beaches. But Stephanie says what they’re really looking forward to is “more of the same! A life of adventure, love and laughs.”


    Location: 9OFS, Boston, MA; Caterer and Cake: Russell Morin Catering & Events, Attleboro, MA; Event Planner: Esq. Events, Boston, MA; Floral and Event Design: John Orton Flowers and Events, Warren, RI; Linen and Rentals: Rentals Unlimited, Stoughton, MA; Rentals: New England Country Rentals, Hanover, MA; Rentals: Tommy Wholesale Rental Products, Boston, MA; Lighting: Ormonde Productions Warren, RI; Wedding Dress: Liancarlo; Groom's Attire: Brooks Brothers

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