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    March 17, 2018 in Boca Raton, Florida

    At the age of 29, Harris moved from NYC to sunny South Florida to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, simultaneously starting a life and continuing his career in wealth management at Oppenheimer. A few months into his role as junior partner, his team decided to hire Jaclyn – a bright, witty, “speak what’s on your mind” type of intern.

    After Jaclyn was offered a full-time position, she and Harris formed a friendship. During this time, they discovered how different they were. Harris liked being impeccably dressed and groomed and all times, while Jaclyn was the type who wear the same belt every day. Harris also enjoyed spending time at the beach and coming in to work on Mondays with a burnt red face, while Jaclyn knew of something called “sunscreen.”


    Nearly a year-and-a-half later, the connection between the two best friends transformed into a full-on love story. “I went to Jaclyn with the good, I went to her with the bad, and I went to her with the ugly,” Harris says. “She was my rock, my confidant, my partner through it all. She lights up a room with her smile and lights up my world with her laugh. I fell… I fell hard!”

    One evening, Jaclyn was getting ready for dinner and had just gotten out of the shower when her then-boyfriend came over after work. “Harris came into the bathroom seeming a little anxious and frazzled,” she describes. “I closed my eyes to show him my new eyeshadow I had put on and when I opened them, his arm was sticking out with a box! He had a more elaborate plan for our proposal, but once he got the ring he couldn’t wait the full week to propose and had to do it that night. He had caught me completely by surprise.

    In the most intimate, shocking way, he took my breath away. The part that moves me the most is that he was so excited to propose that he couldn’t wait for his original plan and decided to propose that night, just him and me. He had received the ring from the jeweler only four hours before coming over. I loved that he couldn’t wait to propose. I would be the same way!”

    The wedding planning process culminated in a spectacular celebration that exceeded the couple’s dreams and expectations. Their vendors even joked about how Jaclyn was “the happiest bride in the world,” and she loved how they created a wedding with the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern chicness.

    “I planned the entire wedding myself, but it was still amazing to see everything blend into reality on my dream day,” says the bride. “The ceremony had clean, modern décor which highlighted the beauty of the Cloister Garden at the Boca Resort. Our flowers were of a beautiful assortment, mainly a special type of orchid flown in from Asia and calla lilies. Guests waltzed into the famous Palm Court to a Jazz band for the cocktail hour before the reception doors opened to the grand Cathedral Room. Harris and I had a professionally choregraphed first dance and we kicked off the party atmosphere with authentic Jewish bottle dancers before the hora!”

    At the end of the night, after a joyous and love-filled party, guests grabbed prewrapped slices of wedding cake to take home as their party favor.


    Location: The Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL; Planner and Event Design, Lighting, Linen: Boca by DesignPalm Beach, FL 

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