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    September 22, 2017. New Brunswick, New Jersey

    Kirandeep and Gagandeep were sophomores at Rutgers University when they met. After seeing each other several times while running in the same circle of friends, they eventually introduced themselves. “When I met Gagan for the first time, he took my breath away,” says Kiran. “I instantly knew what a big heart he had. He was so personable and outgoing; he made me feel like we knew each other for years.” 

    “I did a double take when I saw Kiran,” Gagan recalls. “I thought she was so pretty, and I definitely went out of my way to talk to her that day.” After realizing they had a shared passion for dance, the two decided to start a Bhangra team – a North Indian form of dance – with some other students, and a true friendship was born.


    In July of 2016, the couple was in California for their friends’ wedding, which included a two-day stop in Sonoma. During a group wine tasting tour of B Wise Vineyard, their guide announced he could take two people at a time for a buggy ride, and Kiran and Gagan were picked first. As they walked to their meeting point, Kiran began noticing pictures of her and Gagan over the past ten years strung along the vineyard with rose petals leading to a bench. Once they got to the bench, Gagan dropped to one knee and popped the question. Just like Kiran had hoped for, it was a private and perfectly intimate moment, followed by a lunchtime celebration with their friends.

    It had been a difficult year for the couple prior to their wedding, as they unexpectedly lost Gagan’s father to a heart attack five months before. To honor him, Gagan wore his father’s watch throughout the wedding weekend, and there was a “Pop’s Popcorn” cart during the Sangeet – a nod to his father’s special popcorn flavored with Indian spices. Although he was greatly missed, the couple felt his presence the entire time.

    Working with Premini Events, Kiran and Gagan enjoyed a stress-free wedding planning process that culminated in the wedding of their dreams. A beautiful ceremony was followed by a reception that was filled with romance and light. Designed by Elegant Affairs, the space featured candelabras, floral runners, and linens in a palette of soft pink and cream. Fluff + Fluff provided guests with unique flavors of freshly spun cotton candy, and signature drinks were served after dinner. “I also wanted to make sure my wedding cake flavors were unique,” the bride adds. “The Vintage Cake allowed me to do just that with icing flavors like passion fruit and raspberry.”

    Being that the bride and groom started a dance team together, their first dance was an extra special part of the evening. They began with a slow dance, but transitioned into a five-minute Bhangra performance, which everyone loved.

    “We felt so blessed at the end of the wedding weekend,” says Kiran. “We had about 350 people attend and felt the love from every single one of them. As we were planning the wedding, we kept saying that all we wanted was for our guests to dance, drink, and eat until they can’t dance, drink, and eat no more! That was 100% achieved.”


    Planner: Premini Events New York, NY; Floral and Event Design: Elegant Affairs Fairfield, NJ; Cinematography: Joseph Minasi Studios New York, NY

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