• Photography By:

    Rene Zadori Photography


    April 21, 2018. Los Angeles, California

    Arianna Isbirian and Chris Khoshoryan met at a birthday celebration, where a mutual friend and family member had secretly planned to introduce them. Chris asked Arianna to dance and the rest is history.

    Five years later, the couple decided to take a trip to Vegas where, unbeknownst to Arianna, a proposal would take place. “After a beautiful dinner at the Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere hotel, he spoke a few sentimental words and asked the burning question,” she describes. “According to him, I had no expression on my face while I nodded ‘Yes.’ Both our families were in Vegas with us that weekend, impatiently waiting for our arrival back at the hotel. Long story short, the rest of our staycation was spent celebrating.”


    With both Arianna and Chris being in school at the time, the wedding planning process was delayed for two years. Once it began, they were happy to discover that planning a wedding wasn’t as stressful as others had made it seem. “Let’s be real,” says Arianna, “I did most of the work and decision making with the help of my mom and mother-in-law, while Chris enjoyed the ride. Thankfully, he wasn’t a picky groom and I was an easygoing bride, which made it all smooth sailing. The only time it gets slightly stressful, but partly exciting, are the last two months prior to the big day.”

    Like most Armenian weddings, the couple’s wedding was packed with activities. Hair and makeup began at 7 a.m., followed by traditional bride and groom house festivities, photo sessions, the ceremony, and the reception. 

    “Our wedding day was beyond what we had hoped for,” the bride recalls. “It was magical from start to finish. Seeing my decorative and aesthetic vision come to life felt very special. We couldn’t have been happier with our vendors and everyone who made that day come to life. Chris and I were definitely nonchalant about a lot of things while planning, which may have helped things fall into place and go smoothly.

    We just wanted our big day to be as special for our guests as it was for us. Our goal was for everyone to eat delicious food, have their drink of choice in hand, and dance the night away. I’m pretty sure we met that goal. After about a 20-hour day, our wedding came to an end. Every time we remember a moment from that day, we both inevitably develop a smile on our faces. We spent most of our honeymoon in Jamaica, reminiscing. What we had been planning for has now become a beautiful memory.”


    Location: Taglyan Complex Los Angeles, CA; Wedding Dress: Badgley Mischka