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    December 15, 2016 in Kauai, Hawaii

    Asiah Azante and Brian “Kid Ink” Collins have known each other since they were teenagers. Throughout high school, they ran in the same social circle with mutual friends dating each other, often playing the role of wingwoman and wingman.

    “We would hang out on the weekend, but we didn’t start dating until we were young adults,” says Asiah. “We’ve been together ever since.”


    While on a trip to Spain years later, the couple took a one-day detour to Paris so Brian could do a quick meet and greet. Previously, during the beginning of his career as a hip-hop artist, he and Asiah had spent Valentine’s Day there together, so the City of Lights was a sentimental place. After a long evening at a club, Brian was adamant about visiting the Eiffel Tower before the night was over. However, with their Uber driver being less than enthusiastic about driving to the landmark at midnight, they decided to forgo his original plan.

    The next day, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Brian stopped and said, “There was something I really wanted to do before we left Paris.” In the middle of the airport, he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring he had been trying not to lose for the past two weeks, and proposed. In front of their security guard, Chuck, and everyone else milling about the airport terminal, Asiah happily accepted. “It was awesome, and awkward, and goofy, and exciting,” she describes. “I laughed through most of it.”

    Asiah knew she wanted a destination wedding in Hawaii, which would be hosted at the St. Regis on the island of Kauai. She also envisioned wedding décor with a tribal aesthetic, along with a dress code theme. When the big day arrived, 100 friends and family members were dressed in black to join the bride, groom and their daughter Aislin, who were all wearing white. Although the guest list was larger than they originally planned, the wedding felt intimate and far from overwhelming. “The day itself was very relaxed,” Asiah recalls. “I was cool as a cucumber and felt like I was floating on air.”

    After an emotional ceremony, everyone was transported to the Makanalani Home—a beautiful venue sourced by wedding planner, Bonnie Walker. The estate spans 100 acres of land, also serving as a camp for underprivileged kids. 

    Personal touches and Hawaiian influences were woven throughout the reception décor, including a custom emblem to represent the couple, consisting of an eternal love symbol with eight diamonds symbolizing their years together. “That’s all on Bonnie,” says Asiah. “She thinks of things I would never think of.”

    Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by fire dancers, henna tattoo artists, a donut maker, fortune-teller, and live performances by Ginuwine—a singer that Asiah’s family was especially excited to see. “And no,” she laughs, “he didn’t perform ‘Pony!’” As for the groom, his one wedding request was granted. “I just wanted to feel like James Bond,” he says.

    For their honeymoon, the newlyweds spent five days in Bora Bora, staying at the Four Seasons before Brian had to return to work. “I got to see another side of Brian come out while we were there,” Asiah says. “He definitely tapped into his island boy swag.”


    Ceremony Location and Cake: The St. Regis Princeville Resort, Kauai, HI; Planner: Bonnie Walker Events, Los Angeles, CA; Wedding Dress: Steven Khalil; Groom’s Attire: Tom Ford

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