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    Charlton Inije

    Emani Hill & Taylor Trammell

    January 8, 2022

    Like many couples in today’s world, Emani Hill and Taylor Trammell first connected when they followed each other on Instagram. Emani thought Taylor was incredibly handsome with a great smile, and he immediately noticed her athleticism. At the time, the two teens were attending rival high schools, so it was during the night of a basketball game when Emani spotted Taylor across the court. Her infatuation grew even more that night. When she came home from the game, there was a DM from Taylor waiting for her, and they haven’t stopped talking since.

    “It was January 24, 2021, our sixth dating anniversary, when Taylor popped the question,” Emani shares. “We normally do a photoshoot to celebrate, but this year we didn’t get the chance to beforehand.

    “Getting to have a first look and exchange our vows privately was one of my favorite moments of the day.”

    So, after getting breakfast that morning, Taylor took me to the Swan Coach House where he had a whole surprise photoshoot set up. He led me down the stairs that were covered in roses, to the courtyard decorated with rose petals shaped in a heart. We walked to the middle of the heart, he grabbed my hands, and asked me to spend the rest of forever with him.”

    The wedding planning process was filled with a great deal of excitement and new experiences for the couple. From choosing the tableware, to food tastings, everything was made easier with the help of their wedding planner, Eliana Baucicault of EllyB Events.

    “If I could describe the wedding day in a sentence it would be, ‘A Dream Come True,’ says the bride. “I was so anxious and excited to see my husband-to-be, but I truly have never experienced happiness like that day; it was like we were in our own little world.

    Getting to have a first look and exchange our vows privately was one of my favorite moments of the day. Having that moment alone was something I’m so glad we got to do. It took away all the added pressure and put the focus on just us. I could hardly keep myself from hurrying down the aisle to get to the ‘I dos.’ The ceremony was filled with white roses, candles, and romantic low lighting. The reception was honestly the most fun we have had, and the dance floor was filled the whole night with our favorite people. Taylor and I are big foodies, so we knew we had to have some of our favorites – chicken and waffles, mini tacos, risotto and more.”

    To cap off the perfect wedding experience, the newlyweds enjoyed a honeymoon in Saint Lucia, spending one week at Jade Mountain Resort. They ate delectable food, sampled local favorites for the first time, and explored the island by going on adventures like jungle biking, ziplining, and snorkeling. Their action-filled days were also balanced with more relaxing activities such as spa treatments and romantic dinners for two.

    “With everything we got to experience on our honeymoon, my favorite moment was getting to walk down the beach hand in hand with my new husband, getting to make new memories to share with our future kids one day,” says Emani. “All in all, our love story and our wedding day has been a dream. Taylor and I are so lucky to have found each other when we did and I’m so grateful to have had so many special moments with him. We can’t wait to make many more together.”


    Photography: Charlton Inije, Atlanta, GA

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