• Photography By:

    Rene Zadori Photography

    Alvina Sedgh and Jonathan Nasimi

    June 20, 2021 in Los Angeles, California

    Since they were teenagers, it seemed as if Alvina Sedgh and Jonathan Nasimi were meant to be. Even though they attended different schools a few towns apart, the two would cross paths several times over the years.

    “I thought he was quite handsome,” Alvina recalls, “but we were just too young, and the timing wasn't right.” 

    A couple years later, yet another chance encounter signaled to Alvina and Jonathan that they were ready for their relationship to begin.

    "At one point we looked around the room at our loved ones celebrating with us, and it truly felt like we were on cloud nine."

    “After six amazing years spent together, he finally caught me off guard with one of the most beautiful proposals a bride could ever wish for,” shares Alvina. “Jon had his best friend make a Facebook event planning a ‘holiday party’ at one of the Hudson Yards Rooftops in NYC, which I was looking forward to for weeks. When we arrived at the venue, his brother and best friend opened the double doors to the red rose petal walkway leading to a red rose arrangement of the question, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ The best part of it all was that all of our family and friends were there waiting and ready to party.”

    Within a few months of their engagement, Jon and Alvina began the wedding planning process – an experience they found “emotionally difficult, yet joyful at the same time.” Since the proposal took place in December 2019, the couple was initially looking at mid-2020 for their wedding date. Of course, the pandemic had other plans and they had to wait a year before the big day.

    “The wedding day was one of the best days of our lives,” says the bride. “Almost eight years of being together at this point, it felt amazing that after all we had been through, we finally were able to commit the rest of our lives to each other. Although we live in New York, we decided to get married in California as we have so much family there. The most touching part of our wedding day was the number of friends and family that had flown out for this special day. At one point we looked around the room at our loved ones celebrating with us, and it truly felt like we were on cloud nine.”

    Alvina and Jon’s wedding at Hilton Universal in Los Angeles succeeded in bringing the bride’s vision of a romantic, classic, and elegant celebration to life. Red has always been Alvina’s favorite color, so the color palette included rich crimsons and gold accents. The wedding menu consisted of multiple international cuisines served at different stations. Throughout the night, guests were welcome to enjoy sushi, Middle Eastern dishes, Brazilian meats, shawarmas, carving stations, and more.

    “One of the most special moments of the night to me was my ‘Father Daughter’ dance, as my father is the first man I have ever loved,” Alvina adds. “He taught me so much in life and demonstrated exactly what I have always wanted and looked for in my future husband. Luckily now I have found the man who has superseded every expectation I have and then some.”

    The newlyweds are now settling into a new home together with plans to honeymoon in Europe this coming winter. “Greece is a must!” 


    Photography:  Rene Zadori Photography, Glendale, CA