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    John and Joseph Photography

    Sasha Littig & Sky Stone

    June 11, 2022 in Aspen, Colorado

    In 2011, Sasha Littig and Sky Stone were both attending college in Santa Barbara. The two students first met during their English Lit class, when Sky noticed a total “smoke show” sitting on the opposite site of the classroom. Since Sasha was one of the first out the door, Sky pushed his way through a sea of students after class and caught up with Sasha to ask for her number.

    After that exchange, Sasha and Sky spent the next semester spending all of their time together outside of school. Sasha, however, wasn’t all that interested in a serious relationship, so they remained friends. Even after she moved back to Las Vegas a year later, the two never gave up on their friendship.

    “No one knew what to expect next.”

    Over the years, and throughout relationships with other people, they were always the first call for one another when things were rocky. Being that Sky had a pretty strong reputation for being a party regular in Vegas at the time, he and Sasha had loads of time to strengthen their relationship. But overall, the distance and timing never gave them the opportunity to give a romantic relationship a real shot.

    In 2017, time was finally on their side when both Sasha and Sky found themselves single and available – so they decided to give their chemistry and connection a chance. Over the next three years, the couple fell madly in love and bonded over their love for travel, adventure, life at the beach, snowboarding, their blind loyalty to those they care about, and of course food.

    When Sky proposed to Sasha, they planned for a two-year engagement which – to their surprise – was perfect timing. Four months into their engagement, the couple was blessed to find out that they were pregnant with their beautiful baby boy, Ozzy.

    Eleven years after that whirlwind semester in Santa Barbara, they had built a beautiful family and home together and were excited to celebrate their union in front of God, friends, and family.

    The wedding was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” with Bliss Productions orchestrating a progression of the theme. While the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour maintained an ambiance of innocence, there was more moodiness and darkness incorporated into the reception.

    The goal was to create drama and depth in the wedding, and to meaningfully represent who the bride and groom really are. Special elements included the escort wall, umbrellas, a lady on stilts, signage, hanging décor, and candles.

    “The guests since then have said it felt like such a production,” Sasha says. “No one knew what to expect next. My sister-in-law sang while I walked down the aisle. Sky’s cousin led us in prayer.

    My two brothers walked me down the aisle; it was extremely family oriented. We had a stilt walker guide our guests to the reception. The DJ was a friend of mine from Vegas, and the food was from our favorite restaurant in Aspen. The vibe of the wedding was everything.”


    Planning & Event Design: Bliss Productions, San Clemente, CA; Cinematography: Jordan Powell Films; Photography: John and Joseph Photography, San Monica, CA

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