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    The Day Collective By Nathan Smith


    November 25, 2017. New York, New York

    In 2014, Blake was at her cousin’s bachelorette party when a friend asked if she was willing to be set up with a friend she thought Blake might like – Wayne. Coincidentally, that same friend had tried to introduce Blake and Wayne two years earlier, but it didn’t work out. 

    “The night I got home from the bachelorette party, I received a call from Wayne, and we set a plan for dinner at Park Avenue Winter, which I thought was impressive, as most of my first dates at the time were for drinks,” Blake explains. “He then followed up with a text requesting my address, so he could send a car to bring me to the restaurant. Although I declined the offer, I knew this was not going to be any ordinary first date. It was clear he was very chivalrous; and upon meeting, I was not disappointed.”


    Two years later, the couple found themselves once again at Park Avenue Winter. “Wayne told me a client was in town and wanted to meet us for drinks,” Blake describes. “Long story short, we walked in and were escorted to a private room filled with roses, rose wine, and photos of us.

    That is when he got down on one knee. We enjoyed some alone time, then he told me the surprise wasn’t over and escorted me through the kitchen into another room, where 100 of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate. We were there until 4 a.m.”

    As a publicist, planning an elegant New York wedding came naturally for Blake. Both she and Wayne wanted their special day to feel classically elegant with a warm and loving ambiance. Personal touches were incorporated throughout the event, such as the bride’s best friend singing as she walked down the aisle. Everyone had tears in their eyes, which they dabbed away with personal handkerchiefs that read, “For happy tears only.”

    During the reception, the party included drinks passed in beverage bags with light up ice cubes printed with the words “Lets Get Geffen Lit!” – a play on the couple’s last name. At the end of the night, the groom’s friends surprised the couple by running in with sparklers, a massive bottle of Whispering Angel, and McDonalds chicken nuggets.

    “As for the décor, Tantawan Bloom fully took all our inspiration and guidance we provided and brought it to life better than we could have ever imagined,” the bride adds. “I wanted super modern and architectural, and my mom wanted more traditional; and Golf brought our two visions together perfectly. We had mentioned that we wanted to have chandeliers in the centerpieces but assumed it would be a crazy ask. However, he not only made it work, but pretty much brought our entire wish list to life.”

    After a perfect wedding experience, realizing their wish for an elegant New York wedding, the newlyweds honeymooned in Asia, traveling throughout the Maldives, Thailand, and Hong Kong. “The best part was definitely Chiang Rai,” Blake says. “We stayed at the most magical hotel (Four Seasons Tented Camp) and had the time of our lives.”


    Location: The Plaza Hotel New York, NY; Planner: Bianca Blag New York, NY; Floral Design: Tantawan Bloom New York, NY; Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror; Groom's Attire: Armani; Rose Wine: Whispering Angel

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