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    Laure Jacquemin

    Sarah Attali and Jean-Marc Faber

    June 17, 2023 in Venice, Italy

    An Exquisite Wedding Weekend in Venice Planned by Brilliant Events

    Sarah Attali and Jean-Marc Faber first met at a dinner party with mutual friends. They didn’t have the opportunity to talk much, as they were seated apart from each other; but there were several discrete glances exchanged.

    The Dating Game

    One day, seemingly out of the blue, Sarah received an invitation from Jean-Marc for a dinner date.

    “Curious by nature,” she says, “I accepted spontaneously. It was summer and he had arranged to meet at a beautiful restaurant. It was a very pleasant dinner and we had a great feeling about each other. When I got home, I sent Jean-Marc a message to thank him and then – unusually for me – I received a reply 5 days later! I quickly realized that I was dealing with a clever strategist who was hiding his game.”

    “The weekend we spent in Venice with our family and friends will always be unforgettable.”

    A few weeks passed before Sarah decided to reach out to Jean-Marc to see how he was doing, knowing he was salmon fishing in Scotland. She figured, if anything, he had a great personality and they could potentially be good friends. Upon returning from Scotland, Jean-Marc took her out for a second dinner date which she describes as a “romantic, fun, and magical.” However, it was the day before she was set to leave for a 3-week holiday in Cannes with her parents.

    “When I came back,” Sarah shares, “Jean-Marc picked me up at the airport with a huge bouquet of flowers. From that day on, we never left each other’s side. We moved into our new house together and had our little Sasha – the most beautiful baby in the world.”

    A Romantic Week in the Maldives

    A few months later, Jean-Marc suggested they spend a romantic week together in the Maldives. Sarah didn’t hesitate to agree to a dream holiday with white sand, turquoise waters, and cocktails for just the two of them. During their Maldives adventure, she also made her first dive and discovered the wonders of the underwater world.

    One afternoon, Jean-Marc wanted to go snorkeling. Even though Sarah wasn’t feeling up for it, he persuaded her to go on another excursion below the surface. After a few minutes of admiring the colorful fish and coral, Jean-Marc signaled that he spotted something special resting on a coral about 2 meters below.

    “I dived down to have a closer look and brought up a nice ring with a beautiful stone,” Sarah recalls. “You will think I am crazy but, at first, I thought it was someone else’s lost ring. Back on the surface, and before I could regain my senses, Jean-Marc proposed to me in the most original way I could have imagined. I was so happy when I said ‘YES’ that I hugged him so tightly that I almost suffocated him!”

    To top off their unique destination engagement in the Maldives, the couple returned to their room where Sarah was surprised to find a beautiful scattering of rose petals, a chilled bottle of champagne, and a chocolate fountain.

    Planning a Wedding in Venice with Brilliant Events

    Shortly after their Maldives engagement, the couple celebrated their civil marriage in Luxembourg with an intimate group of loved ones. That was when they began contemplating how to celebrate their union in a unique destination. Venice quickly came to mind.

    “We wanted to organize an exceptional weekend with our family and closest friends,” Sarah explains, “but we were not sure how to do it from Luxembourg. So we made the wise decision to entrust the organization to a local wedding planner. This was a particularly delicate choice, as the entire organization would depend on the quality, professionalism, and commitment of our wedding planner. Thanks to my feminine instinct, I came across Brilliant Events.”

    Before long, the couple was planning a wedding in Venice with Brilliant Events, having bonded instantly with Linda and Mina during their first WhatsApp call.

    “We didn’t realize at the time how lucky we were to have stumbled upon this wonderful team,” Sarah adds. “After discussing the program with the team by phone and e-mail, we made a one-off visit to Venice to meet Linda and Mina and, above all, to visit the various venues chosen for the celebrations. They made us feel very welcome in Venice and we quickly felt at home. We were delighted with the venues they had chosen for us. Thanks to them, we were able to make all our dreams come true and the program quickly became a reality.”

    An Exquisite Wedding Weekend in Venice

    Sarah and Jean-Marc’s guests were treated to an exquisite wedding weekend in Venice. The festivities commenced Friday evening with a private concert at La Fenice, followed by dinner at Taverna La Fenice – a mere three steps from the theatre.

    Saturday night was the couple’s “gala evening” at Palazzo Pisani Moretta. As soon as they saw the décor, they instantly fell in love with the space. From the venue, to the floral arrangements, the ambiance was “simply breathtaking.”

    The wedding weekend concluded with a Sunday brunch at Café Florian in Piazza San Marco.

    “Thanks to Linda, Mina, and their team, we had a dream weekend in every way,” says Sarah. “Everything was perfect! Looking back, we can say we had the best weekend of our lives. In fact, the weekend we spent in Venice with our family and friends will always be unforgettable and a milestone in our relationship. One regret: It is all behind us now!”


    Location: Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice, Italy; Planning & Event Design: Brilliant Events, Italy; Floral Design: The Blonde Flower, Italy; Cake: Pasticceria Racca, Padua, Italy; Photography: Laure Jacquemin, Venice, Italy

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