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    Lin and Jirsa Photography


    August 17, 2019. Lake Tahoe

    “Our relationship started with a leap of faith,” says Salome Shah and Christopher Wright. “We met in college and quickly became best friends. We stayed up late almost every night, studying and getting to know each other; but we didn’t immediately make the connection that we’d be a great couple.

    After a few months we realized how rare the spark we’d found was, and we started dating just two weeks before a long winter break… and Salome’s semester abroad in Australia.”


    Before Salome left, the couple took a short trip to Lake Tahoe, where they knew they wanted to get married someday. Since they were still young, both Salome and Chris had the foresight to grow together and see where their early-twenties led them. 

    Their relationship took them through a period of long distance dating, plus an unforgettable experience traveling together throughout Australia and New Zealand. After a few more years of dating from afar, the two were finally able to settle down in the same town.

    Over time, Salome and Chris made it a tradition to visit Lake Tahoe once or twice a year, as it gave them a chance to spend some alone time together. Chris also decided it was the ideal place to pop the question. The weather was stormy with rain, sleet, and raging winds – and still, at that small secluded lake off the south shore of Lake Tahoe, it was a wonderful engagement. “A few jackets, a surprise photo bomb from a couple of pups, and champagne on ice made it perfect,” Salome shares.

    The beauty of Lake Tahoe provided ample inspiration for the couple’s Indian and Danish fusion wedding, which gave them an opportunity to share one of their favorite places with friends and family. 

    Each event was to have its own distinct ambiance; the Sangeet was a combination of the bride’s love of art and the groom’s love of beer gardens, while bringing the splendor of Lake Tahoe’s trees indoors. A dance battle between the wedding parties also helped to begin the wedding weekend on a high note. 

    For the ceremony, a clear mandap with bright blooms and a mirror-topped aisle created the most stunning focal point, set exquisitely against the lake itself. Finally, the reception was designed to mimic the feeling of an Indian palace courtyard. Each detail was a reflection of the couple’s personalities, including custom cocktails that described key moments in their relationship, and a lineup of events that beautifully celebrated their two cultures.

    “We discussed going on our honeymoon directly after the wedding but realized that after a full Indian wedding, we would likely sleep through most of it,” the couple shares. “We settled on booking a safari trip to Africa in 2021, as a last couple’s adventure before we start to grow our family and to mark ten wonderful years together.”


    Location: Hyatt Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe; Planning and Event Design: Denise Lillie Engagements, Sunnyvale, CA; Floral Design: Amy Burke Design, San Francisco, CA