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    Pia Paredes and James Walsh

    August 13, 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico


    “Our story commenced in a warehouse,” says Pia Paredes. “Yes, you read that correctly.”

    In January 2016, Pia was visiting friends in New Jersey, where James Walsh – Jim – happened to work. Despite the language barrier, Jim endeavored to converse with Pia in Spanish. As Pia had to return to Peru, they seized the opportunity to go out before parting ways, exchanging numbers. Maintaining a strong friendship and constant communication over thousands of miles, they were unaware of what the future held.

    Long-Distance Dating and a Hoboken Engagement

    Later on, Pia decided to relocate to Dallas, Texas for her education which caught Jim by surprise. The two reconnected and officially started dating in February 2017, navigating the challenges of a long-distance relationship. Eventually, with Pia’s acceptance to a school in New Jersey, her move marked the six-year point of personal and professional growth, shared happiness, and overcoming obstacles together.

    One night, on January 28, 2023, Pia and Jim exchanged engagement vows amidst the charm of Hoboken, NJ. Jim’s proposal was wonderfully unexpected, with the night, the moon, and the city lights bearing witness to that special and romantic moment.

    Planning an Intimate Beach Wedding in Puerto Rico

    During the wedding planning process, the couple envisioned an intimate beach wedding in Puerto Rico for friends and family, followed by a grand religious celebration in Peru.

    “Puerto Rico won our hearts during a visit before Covid, and it became the obvious choice for our dream beach wedding,” Pia explains. “The initial challenge of unfamiliarity faded when a friend connected me with Carmen, our wedding planner, who turned out to be an angel. Carmen orchestrated everything flawlessly, exceeding our expectations.”

    Arriving in Puerto Rico three days before the wedding, the couple meticulously went over details and the itinerary with Carmen, who ensured a stress-free experience.

    “The wedding day was a mix of intense emotions and excitement as I married my best friend, surrounded by love,” says the bride. “Despite some siblings unable to attend and the absence of my dad physically, his presence was felt throughout the emotional bilingual ceremony, adding a special touch, making the moment even more meaningful.”

    Cocktail hour was accompanied by live music, which set a vibrant tone for guests while the bride and groom took some time for photo ops. The ambiance of the couple’s intimate beach wedding was “nothing short of magical.” Puerto Rico’s beach setting offered a canvas of natural beauty for the reception, complemented by wedding décor with carefully curated details. The couple was rendered speechless by their reception reveal, which surpassed their expectations and made them feel as if they were “inside a wedding magazine.”

    “The party that ensued was so lively and joyful that, instead of retiring to our rooms, we all ended up at the pool, jumping in underwear until sunrise,” Pia shares. “An unforgettable, epic moment that not even mosquitoes or the heat could dampen. Moving forward, there's still another wedding to anticipate in Peru, adding to the journey of love. Following that, the honeymoon in Bali awaits, promising further memorable moments and adding more chapters to our love story.”


    Location: Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort; Planner & Event Design: Carmen Rios; Hair & Makeup: Juan Carlos Montalvo; Cinematography: Raymond Vega; Photography: Aly Kuler Photography

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